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{124}The oyle of Charity good for all maner
of Swellings & for nuw & old sors by way
of Plaster use it Cold as it is

Take hisop Lauender Spike leaves Cammamill reed Sage rosemary
Sallendine Bittany Aderstonge of each a like quantety gathered
in May in the heat of the day shread them small & put them into a
pinte of oyle
Let it stand in the sunne 9 or 10 dayes then let it Semper on the coales
halfe an hower then Straine it & renuw it againe with the same
Quantety of hearbes as befor & set it in the sunne againe 9 or 10
dayes more then straine it againe & put into the oyle as much
Valleren in Quantety as all the rest & then let it Simper againe
halfe an hower more on the Coales
Then Straine it Cleare & put it into a glase close stoped

A Curious Ballsom for any soare by that
Exelent Venetion Signior Lucattella

Take a pound & a halfe of Sallet oyle & beat it with a
pinte of Sacke then take halfe a pound of Veneitan Turpintin
& beat it well with damask rose watter still powring it till
the turpintin looke white then melt a quarter of a pound of wax
in a great pan or pipkin of earth ade to it all the former
Ingredents stire them together ouer a soft fyer till they boyle
then put to it halfe an ounce of Reed Sanders & boyle
it alltogether for An hower then take it from the fyer &
putt it into a galley pott to use ether by Plaster tent or
fomentiation Mr [?????]breases

A Salue for a green cutt or wound

Take Valeren Aderstonge leaues mary gold flowers plantin
leaves Cresup leaues & beat them small together then boyle them in
bors grease & wax the space of halfe an hower

To draw out a Thorne

Take red or white wine & wheaten flower & temper them
together then take a pretty quantety of the middel barke of a thorne
trey & bruse it & put to the aforesade then take as much
blacke sope as an wallnutt & putt therto & boyle them
alle together till they be thicke then make a plaster
therof & lay it hott as you can suffer it unto the place
wher the thorne is & it will draw it out

{+} A Soueran Medeceine for one biten with
a Made doge or Stung with an adder

a quantety of Garlick a quantety of Ruw a quantety
of salt & as much hoges grease as of any other of the
ingredents beat them all very well together & apply them
to the place soe bitten

To helpe a bruse or spraine

Take a good handfull of Cammamill boyle it in your
own watter till it be soft then lay it upon the place
greiued as hott as you cane sufer it

ffor an ach or paine in the bake or bones

Take as much blake stone pich as a wallnutt & 2 peney
worth of [narve] oyle boyle them together in an earthen
pott boyle it a pretty while & scume it very cleane then
straine it into another pott then putt in 2 ounces of
freash butter & a sponfull of English honey & let all
thes haue a warme or tow more att the fyer & rub
the place greiued with this. this is uery good against
the fyer & lay a softe cloth upon it & keep the cloth to
it still though it be a fortnight it is the better but
within 3 dayes tymes anoynting you shall have ease & be

This hath Cuered some that were Brused that went 3 years with Stillts

A Receipt for any aches or
Burnings or Scalldings

Take a new pipkin putt therin a pinte of good Salet oyle
then put therto a quarter of a pound of bes wax 2 ounces
of washed Turpentine 5 or 7 sponfulls of white wine
as much reed rose watter then boyle them with a soft
fyer as it begins to boyle you must keepe it stiring
Sometymes drope a litell one a Cleane trencher or
a substance then take it of the fyer being allmost Cold
beaton & searsed you must keep it stiring tull all the
Sanders be in.

A Purge for the Kings evill
Take an ounce of cara castina divide it in 3 partes giue the child 1/3 part dissolued in warm whit wine
for 3 days together about new moon & full let him be orderd in purging Phisick if it work not increase
the quantity.

Sr Kenelin Digbies Diet Ale for a Fistula or Dropsy

Tale 4 gallons of Ale 400 woodliss or souepalins a little hanfull of sage as much Rue beat the [Souep]
& herbs together & in a bag put it inthe Ale when it has done working let it be your ordnary drinke.

{Lady[ Huib]man.} A Diet Drink for Kingsevill or any cold rewnes

Take Liverwort hurtstonge scuruy grass Agrimony Mugwort & Brooklins of each like quantity halfe
a peck in all pick & wash them & tun them in 3 gallons of ordnry beere or Ale put 12d of Lignum vite
& let the party drink it constantly it wilbe ready to drink in 8 dayes.

{+} For the pallat of the Mouth
Take a peece of Alum & yolk of an Egg out in a silver porniger Stirred together over the fire till
it be so hard that will beat to powder put of this pouder frequent into your mouth.

{+} for to knit a rib that is broken or any inward bruse

Take a good quantity of balm bruse it & boyle it in poset drink
strain it & give it the party to drinke

good for a bruse

Take a sheepes head & boyle it in water till it comes all to peices, & boyle
in it a good handfull of sage a handfull of rosmary a handfull of Centary a
handfull of St Iohns wort & when it is enough skime it & strain, it & then dip in
your flanill swaths & rowle them up & put them on as hott as can be enduerd
& when the one is on the other must heat, this must be done at least half an
hower twice or thrice in a day & continued about 10 dayes or more

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