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{+} To make oyle of mace

To a pint of salet oyle take a handfull of mace put it into a glas
& stope it close & boyle it so stoped the space of 6 howers in a pot of
watter & so set it in the sun a mounth in the hotest tyme of the year

ffor ye Kings Evell

Take a handfull of kings-wort otherwise called [Senacle] topes of
brome as much betony & coltsfoot liverwort & [smalge ] costmary
handfulls of each boyle all this in a Galond of Spring watter
in a pipkin close couered for 2 howers gently when it is cold
strain it & put it into bottles drink of it twice a day a quarter
of a pinte fasting after it this is to be drink 6 weekes spring
& fall this receipt has cuored some of the distemper, it is good
to take a purge after it, & if any sores take of the plaister &
lay on only an oaken leafe euery day which will dry up the sore

{Lady Husseys yalow salve}
The yalow salve good to draw a Thorn out of the
flesh or any festered sore that needeth to be drawn

Take a quantity of Venus Turpintine as much Bees wax
all most as much Rosin a little bit of fresh Butter out of
the Churn unsalted, Boyle all thes together in a Skilit
& as it boyles it will rise up to the top of the Skillit and
then it will fall of it self again then take it off,
it is boyled enough then pour it forth into oyster shells or
work it into a roule when cold enough to touch & so keep
it for your use either way

To make oyle of Almonds or Nutts

Take them or either of them as you please & blanch them & putt them
into a pott full full of holes in the bottom & sett itt ouer a pott
of seethinge water & streyne forth the oyle & vse

To make oyle Almonds Wallnutts & Small nutts

Take them and bray them as small as possible then putt them
into a hard presse & sett a vessell under to keepe your oyle
this oyle is very precious yow must itt into a glasse lett your
Nutts be cracked ere yow be att the stuffe putt them into a linnen
cloth ere yow presse them

Oyle of Roses

Take 3 pints of faire water & putt itt into a new Earthen
pipkin & heatt itt scaldinge hott then stuffe itt full of Damask
Roses picked from the stalkes & lett itt stand on the Embers
4 or 5 houres then powre them out into a Cullender into a deepe
bason & presse ye Roses hard then heatt againe that Liquer as
before & fill itt with Roses & soe do itt 4 or 5 times and when yow
haue hard streyned the last infusion putt ye Liquor wich may bee
allmost a quart more or lesse into a glasse with so wide a Mouth
as yow may putt in your hand into itt and lett itt hold 3 quarts
or a gallon & putt to itt a pottle of good sallett oyle & couer itt with
the parchment close & sunne itt for 4 or 5 dayes & then putt
into itt a greatt quantity of redde Rose budds beinge cutt from the
whites & searsed and soe sunne itt as longe as the sunne is of
force this is good for blastings of the face dippinge a cloth into
itt & lay itt thereon for all in flamacions beinge anointed with
the hand

To make the oyle of Snails

Take Valerian woodbine leaves Deuiles bitt Adders tongue night
shade Hartstongue Houndstongue Serpents tongue Capon feather
St Iohns wort Houslick of each a handfull then take a quart
of Snails with their shells breake them in a wooden bowle with the
Hearbs lett ye Hearbs be chopt before you putt them to the snaills
then take all most halfe an oz of Allum beaten small & 2 oz of
wax & 2 oz of Honney putt these in the pott yow will keepe itt in
lett your Hearbs boyle vntill they are crisppe as if they were
fryed in a panne then streyne itt to youre things in the pott
Tis good for Aches Swellings wounds Shrunke synews tis
good allso for ye goute comminge of a hott cause if the swellinge
bee greatt & Redde take oatmeale beaten &boyle itt in faire
water very thicke and as yow vse itt putt in some of this ointment
& lay itt on the Sore.

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