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To take the fire out of a scald or burne

Take some onyons & pille the shell of & chope them small & aply to the
place as soon as it is done & this will take the fire out and has ben

To tak fire out of a burn

Tak a roten aple & lay to it & it will fetch out the fire & heale
it being still fresh aplyed to it, also if you rub the burn with
your Spitle, or with what you can blow out of your nose wich is
another bath it in milke & it will get the fire out
another rub or lay salt on it & it will get out the fire
another for a scald doe it with brandy

To cuer a burn spedly or scald

Take some smal oatmeal & boyle it with new milk & boyle in it
some malows & uoylet leaves & some cooling pultice herbs & put
in some muton suet & apply it to it & so doe it morning and
Euening with fresh pultice 3 or 4 dayes binding the pultice well
well to it then take some salve called basilicon wich you may
have at the Apothecarys & lay a plaister all over it & take it off
once a day & as you se it heals only wipe the plaister not puting
on fresh


Take salet oyle or linseed oyl & to a pint of oyle of A
penith of red lead & boyle it to the thickness of a plaister &
then use the salve to it & it will cuer dresing it once or twice
a day at the first

To make a pultice to get fire out of a scald
or burn

boyle white bread & watter together & put in a litle bors greas & let
it lye on one night & as soon as you can anoynt it with what you please

To good the fire out of a burn

Take mude out of a sinck or high way & clape it one
immediatly & in an howers tyme renew it again once or
twice & this will take the fire out & if the blisters be not
broke they will desg dry away


Take the inward bark of green Elme & put it into a litle
Spring watter litle more then to wet it squez the bark out
& anoynt the burn with that water wich will be a Ielly & so
lay it on & it will take the fire out, then lay some healing
salve or oynment wich may be made with the inner bark of Elder & cream
boyled together


How to prepare worms for powder

Gather your worms att night then putt them into an earthen
pott with ffennell to purge them in the morninge take them out
and putt them into a platter and bast a handfull of bay salt
amongst them then beatt them and the salt together a good while
with your hand and mash them in severall waters till the
their slimes be goonne then cutt off a little of each of the ends of
them unrip them cleare thorow and scrape out all the earth
with in them and putt them into faire water till your hand well cleaned them all
Then shift them into clean waters washinge them till
yow haue well cleaned them all
Then shift them into clean waters washinge them till the
water bee very clear lastly wash them in white wine
which whill raise a greatt frothinesse
Take them from that and putt a little fresh white wine to them and
lett them stand all night in itt in the morninge take them and dry
them in a cloth and sett them in an Ouen that is not very hott laying
them flatt in an earthen platter or about a siue
You must be sure the Ouen be not too hott for if they dry too hasti-
ly they will bee spoild when they are thus dryed beatt them to powder
they are very hard to beatt butt with pains they will bee very fine
powder You must putt to 2 oz of this powder of worms halfe
an oz of Calsined iuory halfe an oz of Callsined Hartshorne
This powder mingled together yow must take euery morninge
for 6 weeks together as much of itt as the weight of 8d and
with itt and after itt the possett drinke followinge

An openinge possett drinke to take with the powder

Take 2 quarts of clear possett drinke then take of Sparrowgrasse
roots and of ffenill root of Dandelyon and Parsly and of each a root
of Scursonora root otherwise calld vipergrasse 2 Pippins or Pearmains
sliced a handfull of razons of the sun stoned halfe a handfull of
Agrimony as much Scabius when yow haue made youer roots ready to
putt in yow must stamp them a little then putt all the things to-
gether and lett them boyle in the possett drinke till halfe bee
consumed and lett it stand in a Pipkin with these things all the
while yow drinke itt yow must make this possett drinke thrice a ^weeke
When yow be take your powder yow must itt in a spoone and only wett
itt with some of this possett drinke and so swallow itt downe then
wash itt downe againe with 2 or 3 spoon fulls of itt warme and
halfe an houre after itt drinke 1/2 a pinte of itt warme and eat
nothinge else till dinner that day

The purge to be taken once a weeke all the while yow take
the powder followinge

Two oz of sirrop of Succory with double infusion of Ruberb putt
into itt a little of the openinge possett Ayle
The day yow take the purge yow must not take the worm powder but keepe your
Take this purge the day before yow take the worm powder

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