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A Dyett drinke for faintnesse or ye scurvy
Take halfe a pound of Sasaparilla Hartshorne an Ivory of each a quarter of a pound a quarter of a pound of {yellow &} white sanders yt is of each 2 oz Marsh Mallow roots Centinian roots ferringe roots beinge all dryed of each one oz and 1/2 flowers of Rosemary Bettany Sage & Srikundus of each a hand full make all these in a ppowder and putt itt into a bagge and hange itt in a vessell with ye weight and […] itt up with 2 gallons of good Ayle then lett itt stand up close 4 or 5 dayes and drinke a good draught morninge and eveninge if you feare ye Scurvy putt in a good handfull of yt grasse with powders

An aproved good dyett drinke to be taken in ye Springe or fall
{[Jan sure]}
Take ye root of Marke Ruberbe 4 oz ferne root 2 oz Succory root Burnett root Fennill root of each one oz ye herbs of Scurvy-grasse Surcory Hartstongue Geronander Hemitary Brookelime Watercreases Seabins Agrimony of each one handfull 2 sliced pipeons with ye [parings] ye flowers of primroses violetts broome buds of each halfe a handfull ivory scrape one oz and 1/2 3 spoone fulls of [pialet] capers dryed up in a napkin 3 oz of Cena one oz and a halfe of very good Ruberb Fennill seed Corimeggs cutt in peices putt up all in a bag and yt bag in 5 or 4 gallons of new beare or ayle or which you may take 3 or 4 dayes after itt hath beene putt up
You must drinke every day a good draught fastinge and another att 4 a clocke after dinner

An Excelent dyet drink to be given wth scurvygrasse agt ye dropsy & scuvye
Take Gyacaum 4 ounces sasaparilla 6 ounces China one ounce liqurice 2 ounces rasions of ye sun 2 ounces Anesseeds half an ouce steep thes together in 6 quartes of spring watter 12 howers then boyle this tow 2 quarts yn put in Agremony maidenhair betony of each a handfull boyle ym moderatly wth a soft fire yn set ym from ye fire let ym setle yn let it run 3 or 4 tymes through an Hypocras bag let it be very Clear yn take of this duet drinke a pint & an halfe at a tyme & set on ye fire to boyle yn put in sudenly half a pint of ye Juce of Scuvygrasse & it will [presert] cast a grat scum like a poset and take of ye curd clear & drinke of this morning & evening 6 ounces at a tyme warme & make more as ye other is drunke ye Juce of Scurygrass must be made nuw

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