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Green Pease Soup

Boyle a quart of Pease in 5 pints of Water till all the goodness
is out of them, then strain out the Liquor for the Soup, take a quater
of a pound of Butter, burn it but not too high, for then it will be bitter, then
put in a quart of young Pease, let them boyle till they begin to hulle,
put in as much grated bread as you think will thicken it, keep
it stirring till all the Butter is dryed into the bread, then put in
your liquor with a small fagot of Thyme & a leek or 2, then Boyle the
Herbs till they are tender, they must be Beet, Spinage Lettice, & french
Sorrell, Chop them a little, put them in a pan, season with pepper &
salt, let it Boyle all together for an hour.

A White Soop

Take a knuckle of Veal & break it, put to it a Gallon of Water,
a good deal of Mace, 4 Cloves & some Pepper, boyle the meat till it is tender
scum of the fat, then put to it some Vermicelli, a little bit of Butter, then
give it 3 Boyles & cut a french loaf in Slices & put in when you last Boyle
it, take a bit of butter & rub it with flour & 2 spoonfulls of Cream & a little
of the warm broth, & stir it well together, put it to the rest, & boyle it, the
quicker the better.

Rice Soop.

Take a large Scrag of Mutton, a piece of Veal put to it some sweet
herbs, a good deal of whole pepper & some mace, let it stew till it is a strong
broth, then cut in 3 or 4 heads of Sellery, a small quantity of Onions, put to -
it 3/4 of a pound of Rice, the Yolks of 2 Eggs, squeeze in a little Saffron, then
put in the fowl, & let it stew till it is Enough, squeeze in the juice
of an Orange & serve it up

Soop Maigre

Boyle 2 quarts. of Peas in 3 Gallons of water over a Slow Fire 5 or 6 hours, -
till they are very soft, and tender, then force them through a Cullendar, -
and after that thro' a hair sieve as much as you can, boil it 1/2 an hour
with 2 or 3 Onions a head of a Leek, 6 Cloves of Garlick, a blade of Mace, —
a handfull of garde[...] Cresses, of Sorrell, and Spinage, cutt small, a Little —
pepper and Salt, 1/2 a li Butter, a quart of Cream, boil them together and-
Serve it up with some toasted Bread. —

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