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[Whe] ester terme dothe begyn

[he] [Ive knowe] that Ester terme dothe begyne allweys the xxxiii day after Ester
[r..and] ester day for one and endithe the [munvday] nexte after the [astencyon] daye

[F.rimte] terme dothe begyn

All wey The fryday nexte after Corpus Christi day: and endythe
The wensday fortnyght after.

Nichetlmas terme dothe begyns

All wey on The nynthe or tenthe day of October: and endythe
The eyght and twenty or nyne and twenty day of November.

hillary terme dothe bygyne

The three and twenty or foure and twenty of Janvarye and endithe
The twellfe or thyrtyne day of the monythe ofter Febrvary.
Notte thys that in ester terme on the astentyon day in trinyte terme
on the natynyte of seynt Ihon the baptiste: In mychetlmas terme on
the feste of allsaynte and on allsolles day: [in] hillary terme on candel
mas day: nor vpon any Sonday: The bynges Iugges do not vse to sytt
in Iudgmet

for the carpe ether in [pale] or in the ryner

Take a bayte that ys callyd a codde bayte & first put your hocke thords the myddle
of: iij: or iiiij of them. then put on one on the poynte of your hocke a longe wyse
and so angle with the & the carpe will byte at yt.

To make a boat for to make a iake with all

Take the sthavyngis of horne: and good stronge worte and boylle your horne and your worte togeder
tyll yt be as thyke as oylle: and the Rubee it on the lynen th clothe that sthalbe
with in your iacke and then drye it well and then put yt into your iake and so make it vp.

Notes and Questions

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Title features a symbol that is the symbol for aquarius ♒


♃ is the symbol for Jupiter also associated with Thursday


Corpus Christi day is the Thursday after Trinity Sunday


eygft and twety or nyne and twenty i.e. 28 or 29


unidentified symbol bottom right


Lines 45-47 and 49-50 are within a diagram