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vj. e. Mathei aposteli. xxj. c. 28.
f. xxij. xvj. d. vigill. 29.
xiiij. g. Tede virginis. xviij. vi. e. Andree Apostoli. 30.
iij. a. xviiij. Nox habet horas : xvj. dies vero : viij
b. xxv.
xj. c. cipriani epi. xxvj. Hieme or Winter beginythe when the sonne enterithe into thee
d. cosme et damianj. xxvi. firste degre of the gote : & it in durithe : 89 : dais that is to sey from the : xiij : day :
xix. e. xxviij. of december vnto the : xj. of marche : in that time the dais ar sthortenide
viij. f. Michaelis archangeli. xxix. & the nyghtes are lengthenyd : colde waxithe myghty : the windis wax
g. Iernjmj presbeteri. xxx. stharpe ; the levys of trees are fallen and all grene thinges for thee
Nox habethe horas : xij. dies vero : xij. moste parte dietthe. the moste parte of bests that are wilde wdrawe into
October hathe : xxxj days cavernys & depe places of the erthe : to kepe them from the bitternes of the
xvi. a. Remigij et bonionis. j. winter. The eaire dothe wax darke : bestes bothe wilde & tame do Imoyle their
v. b. ij. vtus, & the strength is of their bodys are wekenyd. The fysthes of fresthe
xiij. c. iij. waters do draw into the depeis vnder trowyls & hollow bankes, & into great
ij. d. franciste virginis. iiij. stvlles and all for fere of the winters colde. Then the worlde ys likenyd
e. v. vnto an olde woman nere naked goinge to dethe. The time of winter
x. f. fidis virginis. vj. is colde & moyste : in the wiche time yt behonythe the to change thy diet :
g. nonas vij. & to returne to hoote meate, & hoote substanc. as chekins : henys . capons :
xviij. a. idus. viij. partrige : fesant : birdes of the busthes bothe great & smale : gottes flesthe roste :
vij. b. ix. hogge flesthe : & lambis. all hoote wines : & reed wine : fygges : & nottes : also
c. x. hoote Blectnaryes & syrupys : absteine from lossynge of the wombe
xv. d. xj. with medisynes : and from lettyng of blode : excepte great nede require
iiij. e. xij. yt. Then change the eaire : that ys to sey drawe the into warme and
f. Edtuardi regis. xiij. close places fro the coldnes of the eaire. anoynt your body with hoote & precius
xix. g. sol in scorpio. xiiij. vnguntes : & temperat bathes. Miche menynge of the body : nor the dedis of venes
j. a. xv. nor sade or miche eatinge hurtythe not. so that digestion be not febelyd.
b. kalendas novembs. xvj. ffor in that tyme of vnent colde the naturall heate is gatherid into the
ix. c. xvij. inner parte of the body : & therfore in winter ys the dygestion beste. & in
d. Ivce evangeliste. xviij. veren : & in somer the wether ys hoote : & in thos times the powres are
xvij. e. xix. openyd, & the naturall heet distenerid into all partes of the body. and
vj. f. xx. for stautnes of heate the dygestion of the stomake ys febylys and lettyd.
g. xj. miliin virginus. xxj. & hvmorum are movyd to the extremytes. gife god thanke of p[s] doctrine. ♒︎
xiiij. a. xxij. December hathe : xxxj. dais ♒︎
iij. b. xxiij. xiiij. f. Eligij epistopi 1.
c. xxiiij. xiij. g. 2.
xj. d. xxv. ij. a. 3.
xix. e. xxvj. x. b. 4.
f. vigill. xxvij. c. nonas. 5.
viij. g. Simonis et ivde. xxviij. xviij. d. idus. nycolai epistopi. 6.
xxij. vij. e. 7.
xvi. b. xxx. f. concepcio marie. 8.
v. c. .vigill. xxxj. xv. g. 9.
Nox habet horas : xiiij : dies x : X ♒︎ iiij. a. 10.
November hathe : xxx : days. b. 11.
d. onivm sanctorum. 1. xij. c. Sol in capricorne. 12.
xiij. e. commemoracio animarum. 2. j. d. Ivcie virginjs. the sthorttes day. 13.
ij. f. 3. e. kalendas ianvarij. 14.
g. 4. ix. f. 15.
x. a. nonas 5. g. 16.
b. idus 6. xvij. a. 17.
xviij. c. 7. vj. b. 18.
vij. d. 8. c. 19.
e. 9. xiiij. d. vigill. 20.
xv. f. 10. iij. e. Tome apostoli. 21.
iiij. g. 11. f. 22.
a. sol in sagittaris. 12. xj. g. 23.
xij. b. idus. 13. a vigil. 24.
j. c. kalendas decembris. 14. xix. b. nativitas domijnj. 25.
d. 15. viij. c. Stephanj prothomris. 26.
ix. e. 16. d. Johanis evangeliste. 27.
f. 17. xxj. e. Sebrum innocencini. 28.
xvij. g. 18. v. f. Tome epistopi : canturiences. 29.
vj. a. 19. g. 30.
b. 20. xiij. a. silnester papa. 31.
xiiij. c. 21. Nox habet horas : xviij. dies vero vj :
iij. d. 22.
e. Clement : 23.
xj. f. 24.
g. katerine virginis. 25.
xvj. a. livij epistopi. 26.
v. b. Maximj epistopi 27.

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