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The weyghtes the wythe ar moste in vse at thys day do followe. wrytten
The: v: day of Avgust anno Christno: 1564: et anno vi [to] Elizabethe: R

A pownd is wrytten this. li:j:li:ij.etcer. Halfe a pownde is wrytten thys. li. [fs]. or this. li. d. or li s.
An vnce ys wrytten this: ℥.j. or ℥j. etcer. Halfe an vnce is wrytten thys. li. ss or this li .d. or li s.
A drame is written this ʒ.j. ʒ.ij. etcer. halfe a drame ys written this ʒ.ss. or this ʒ.d. or this ʒ.s.
A drame & a halfe ys wrytten thys. [Byager] or this [avreos] or this. [amer]
[...] scrypul is written this ℈.j. ℈.ij. etcer. halfe a scrypul ys written this. ℈.ss. or this .℈.d. or ℈.d. or this ℈. s
[...]andfull is written this ♏︎.j. ♏︎.ij etcer. halfe a handfull is written this ♏︎.ss. or this .♏︎.d. or this ♏︎.s.
[...] lytell handful is written this: pv. or pugillns. A great handfull ys written this [♏︎anipilns]
A quart of a pownd is written this: qrter. or: q. halfe a quartern ys written this. quter. ss. or this.q.d. or s
A Corne weyght or a graye ys wrytten thys: grana: or this: gra: or this: gr: or this: g. or. [.].
and when the [invste] take of euery one lyche myche or of euery one a lyke .[.nnatite] is written thys: an: or ana
and thys figure flollowinge dothe signyfy gynger. ℥℥: or thys ℥℥a: or eles thys ℥℥cis:i: gynger
The leste of all weyghte commenly vsid a monge physycyons ys a barly corne weyght: and xx:good cornes
do make a: ℈: and : iij ℈ do make a ʒ. and viij. ʒ. make an : ℥. and iij. ℥: a qrter. and xij. ℥. make a: li
where so ever the see this carecte. stand in the mergent of this my boke a gaynfte any medynce, oyle, oyntment, salne, plast, trete, powder sirvpe, [Blectnaer], vngunt, water, or any other thinge [.oteynyd]
with in this boke that haue I heury dineley pronyd with owte dowte, & nno other haue I my selfe pronyd

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Katy Mair

Symbol for half in apothecaries weights often looks like a combined fs. From https://www.apothecariesweights.com/: The Symbol for “half ” also has problems and appears variously as “ss”, “fs” or in script writing “fs“The Symbol for “half ” also has problems and appears variously as “ss”, “fs” or in script writing “fs“.

Need to identify a symbol to use in the transcription, for now I'm using fs.