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Putesses Cum to me hands ffor the foule stabb in the Head
since I wrote the those {9} ♃ farnia seratis Red meale q u
on the other syde Refine pul. subt q s boile them in
{1} ♃ folliorum [maluerum] two handfuls Erigeri aqua flueute unto the forme off
Ground swill one handful Bind them in a lynen cataplasme: spreade it apon
cloth, and boile them in the Brothe off lether, aplie itt hott. 45 E
veale: untill they bee tender: then To Suppurat Bubo [ueuis]
stamp them very small and add {10} ♃ Se three pounds, fe ungreci gresse putt ana
to them cremore lactis dulcis two ounces sicum caitulsorum four ounces half ping
half a pound micarum parris albi seven ounces sew laedi half an ounce, cereisie q s boile all
[ouile minut im inscise liss olei Ross] to pultis aplie itt hott 46 B
four ouncesBoile all thicke and in the coo -
Against Inflamation
ling ad therto viteellorum onorum {11} ♃ the leaues of Henbane: Boile them
no ii et se Cataplastina. There in milke uery tender stamp them
dooth Asswage payne & suppura -
fin all putto a little Safron mix
teth tumors: all well and aplie itt
To mundesie and heale filthie To Suppurat an Apustume
ulcers {12 } ♃ Crumbes of Bredd one ounce great kepinge
{2} ♃ Cerevitia optime, & satis veteris eight pounds stones taken out one ounce, fresh Butter &
folliorum hedere humilis, Calendule, ab=
hogge greace ana six grams leauen five grams
sinth ij malue ana three handfuls folliorum Ca[rofolij cow milke two ounces Saffron one scruple make
et chelidonij ana two handfuls, Sumitat ursice therof a pultis used warm & [...]
rub, & folliorum Prassice ana one handful, Radices ffor the same [....... 35 A]
Briome [mgre] six ounces shred that [..] to be cut {13} ♃ far fabar & trisici ana one ounce farma
uery small, then boile them unto they Seis three pounds & fenugreci ana four grams figge
be tender, then ad far [fabary] semumis coritused one half ounce Axmigie two ounces croci one scruple
three pounds & fenugrecj ana four ounces Boile & stirr uitiel ouorum ij se Cataplasm
them untill it cum unto the forme off To Asuage payne mollefye
Cataplasme: Aplie it hott & thick at hardnes and heale [ueceris]
morning and Eueninge: [mimdefieth] {14}[Saporis nigri, fellis canri, aqua ]
and hialeth Rotten and filthie ulcers. [uile ana two ounces plumbi rubri & albi ana]
Such An other Pultis 47D one ounces pul [sibt] boile & stir them [uele] A
{3} ♃ Cereuifie optime one pound uitellorum ouorum pultis let them coole well them put
[..] iij polimis [triticj] qrs. mix them well in uitellorum ouorum well beaten [..iiij]
and gently boile them unto a cataplasm mix all well: spread it & aplie itt.
{x} then ad therto Erugnis pul one ounce nicor To take a waye payne 47 B
rate them fully: And after (due washing) {15} ♃ Croci pul one gram oloi Rofalt three grams uitell-
aplie itt unto any [] Rotten stinking and oirorum no iiij incorporate them well
filthoe ulcer morn & Euening [warmis] spreade it on lether thick & aplie it
ffor Inflamation ffor Swelling in the stones
♃ folliorum Hyoscianij Boile them in milke {16} ♃ micarum paris atri & farma falarum
{4} and after stampe them with a little safron boile them in warte then ad cumin
in pulder and make therof A cataplasm seede in pulder, fresh butter, of each
aplie it warme SAB a little mak therof A pultis & aplie
ffor hidropicall tumors and aplie it warme 47 testuculis
{5} ♃ Stercoris Boui iij one pound Stercoris capri.. ffor the Squinanci Angina
three ounces [sem. Amsa. feniculi: Canij ana half ounce] {17} ♃ unguent dia Alther four ounces [h..is]
[.. fe Cata plasin] [.] ung or Swallowes [.....] six ounces
ffor Angina in the throate make therof a pultis & Aplie itt
{6}[Sterc caniuj akbi et mellis ana qs fe c] Inflamed womens Breste
[] {18} ♃ farme seis three pounds one half ounce far Hordei two ounces
[] florum Camomille p. j . rosarum rul.. three grams
[] boccarum micsi two grams pul. boile all in uineg
[] to the wasting of the uinegar then ad of
[] hens greace four ounces then ad oile of Roses
any on of theese will do itt & of camomill ana two ounces stamp all unto
for payne in a hott cause pane in [somte] a pultis and aplie it warme
{7} ♃ medulla panis medij one pound lactis recentis
q s. Boile them thick then ad therto oyle
of uiolete if the paine bee meane: but if
the payne be greate oyle of Henbane and
aplie itt
ffor paine in jointe
{8} ♃ coclee cum tostis q. s. stamp them & aplie
them in forme of a cataplasme of rare

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