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ffor Bruse ach or Swelling ffor Swelling rankling Ache
{i} ♃ mallowes, cammonnll, Rose leaues new {10} Groundes of Strong ale a pynte white
or drye anna M, Boile them in faier wyne a pynte halfe a pynte, rose leaues dry
{X} water a quarte till halfe the water or newe a pint dishfull. sheepe or deare suet
be consumed, then put in vinegar one pound half pound boile them well. thicken it with crumbes off
Barlie meale M, then boil it thick as white bredd make a plaster therof bigg enough
pappe and aplie it hott as may bee suf -
and aplie it hott & chaung it ouer xij howers
fered ed chang it morn and Euening ffor Sowlne breste & mylke quarde
157:thome: ffor spraine, Bruse, stripe, or {11} ♃ Sweete mylke otemeale groate Brusedd
Swellinge .11.c2. A lilly Rootes and wake Robbin Roote slised and
{2} ♃ a quarte of the grounds of the strongest brused boile all untill it be thicke and hott
ale, Smallage, Broke lyme, & mallows aplye hitt:
anna one handfull chopp them so small as you can ffor Breste Sowlne prick and
and boile them a quarter of an hower, Ake
then by little and little strowe in otemell {12} ♃ A quarte of new milke, Otemeale grate
or fyne wheaten Branne to make it to one handfull or two handfulls: Boile them a quarter of an howor
be thick stirr it an aplie hott. and stir them for burning so: then put therin
ffor the same 11c2. docke leaues and Ellarne leaues, (or [forlak]
{3}♃ lyneseedes in pulder half pound wormwod half pound of Ellarne leaues) the greene lack [...]
Boile the wormwod in a good quantitie off Ellarne: and Redd Sage leaues ana two handfulls cut
puer water untill it be tender: then Small and stampte and Boile and stir all
take out the wormwode in the same well to gother then lay theof so much apon
water boile the lyneseedes untill hit be a cloth as will couer the brest and hott
thicke: then chop and pund your wormwod as may be suffred aplie itt: and trusse up
uery small and put ty your worwod to your the breste straight as you can: dresse hit
lyneseed stir them & let them boile: them so [th..e] a daye: And when it is broken put
ad wheaten bran, and hogge greace & put into the holes Tirpentyne mixedd
stir and mix them and aplie it hott with hoge greace and couer all with your sud
ffor Bruse milk otemeale & herbes: yf this cume
{4} ♃ watercresses wash them cleane, bole tyme Enough it will heale it with oute
boyle them in faire water untill they breakinge: and you may warme your plaster
be tender, then chopp and pund them & put them into from tyme to tyme with new warm milke
a pan with lees of wyne sheepe suett and ffor Breste [&c]
fyne wheaten branne boile it thick and {13} ♃ Mallowes and wormwood ana two handfuls
applie it warme boyle them tender in fair water: take
11 c 2 ffor bl.. bruse an to Ripe a rose them oute & lett the water run from
{5} ♃ Otemeale groates put them small & them: then cut them small: then pun them
Boile them in sweete milke untill hitt with swines greace that is unsalted so
be thick on pappe: then ad shepe suett q s, that it bee one substance: and aplie
and aplie itt hott this warme: hit mitigateth payne &
for bruse or Sprayne rypeneth and clenseth ASpustumes &c
{6} ♃ groundes of Ale or Beare wheten Branne ffor the same
and chick weede chopt small boile them to {14} Boyle Beetes in water uery tender, then
a pultis And aplie it warm iij in xxiij hot [..] straine out the water: then chop your Beetes
ffor the Gowte & frie them with fresh butter. and aplie this
{7} Set sweete milke apon the fyer thicken hitt hott as may be suffred: morning & nighte
with the crumbes of grated white bredd & And when it is broken Boile new Beetes and
lett it boile: and being thick enough put in chop and them frie them as before. And in the
of oile of camomill one ounce and Safforne in pulder frying put in cumyne seede in pulder but
qs stir it well and aplie it uery warme straine it and anoint them with morning & Euening
ffor the same To Rypen Break and heale and
{8} ♃ milke one pound put thes in crumbes of white bredd put a way heate
grated one handfull boile it thicke: then stir in fouer {15} ♃ warmwod one half handful of otemeale groates one handful
yolke of Egge oile of Roses one ounce & Safronne in of good mylke a pynte chop your herbes and boyle
pulder [.. stir] it well and applie it warme till untill it be thick Enoughe: applie this hott
To take a way payne and chang itt twise a daie untill hit be broken.
{9} ♃ the crumbes of a white loafe hott out of the then aplie the plast ij or iij daies then laye
ouen: put it into mylke and let you drink the milk a way the plaister And take the yolk of An
and aplie hott. in punc furis Egg: and drop iiij dropps of oile from a [Euwes]
pointe into the yolke, and beate them to gether:
make cleane the sore with white wyne & with lynte
dresse the sore with your Egge yf it be hott mixe
the white of an Egg with the [joist of Singwen]
& wett a cloth ther in and lay all ouer it &c
N 22: I sett theese pu[..afes] together But I haue as many made in
Bake as I the [.... ut] sequitur

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