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I delighted in Anglings &
made my roddes my selfe
Ffor negrte Tyme Bondes Bind
Dubble plate and putt it fitt for
your pane and let it be a little so bigg
the wrappe the rodes over on an

bind them a boule not a norde and
make the fitt and close to the rand
Then You must put your [?]
in small thin perds no bigger than
this fi[rook] - and laid it in the
inner side close apon the jointe
and putt a little fyne puledr of
falme upon the peces of soldr
Then solve the plate in the
flameof a randed and the lay in
will melte and the sodder furme
When it is furm it is faste
Then warme the smoke of the
caudle of the out side and putt
it upon the rant: or prclose
it not a roule and furm rande
If yoe make boxte so put
in hookes or other thinge
Ffirste solder the bande: then nd
putt a square pece of plate a little
to bygge for the tube: and in the
iiij rounted furke iiij eolde: then
take iiij little peces of royder and
make a eurk at an ende: put
that eurk upon the outward of
the boxe and the other and thronge
the eolel: and so thrust them all
abroade to selle the bottom faste
then laid on your porde of solder
and warme them soled it onder your
caudle & so make it furme in one
plate first then in an other until
all be woone then not a pared off
Searces cutt of the plate rounde
and so yoe may mak the roud
ffor yoale rod bandes
Buy dubble latig for point tage
cut from upon line & the edges to
gether not royds: then eaud siludr
soroder cut so small at this - or add
smaller and not the brasse not []
in the jointe then put on your soroder
in eold purds: then put on Box or
in pulider a littele all a longe: then
last it in Burning cooled & blored it
and you shall see it fund nogite: then
let it lie oute of the fier and coole
the froned sit reaand: apon a late
is left not a fale: you may do ?

birete not a fild in a little later
A tynker tolde mee that sowder will [Ruum] and
holed yvalew bands with borax

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