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Purgations Purgations {5}
To purge choler Dillule sine q'bz ffor flegme An Exelent purg
♃ cassiae nouiter ʒ j post cenam ♃ turbith electi ♃ zene ℥ ij
extract purgeth malencoli, ℥ j agarick ʒ ij
electuarium lene choller, flegme et Zinzib electi ℥ ss ainsi contusi
tuum ana ʒ v valet ad catarrum et Zuccarie ℥ j ss Liquerish peled and
Zuc q s misc obscuritate occulorum pulumiz entur & slised
alliter visum custodiens et optime misc slieuch Barlie
♃ Electuarium aurium dolorem tollit doz. ℥ ss cum vino uel brused aum ℥ j
de Succo Rosarum et Sanatt potu callido etedn= Spice nee ʒ ij
dia prunis Laxat Pille chochie ʒ j cit flegmam grassum organy cut small
ana ʒ iij purgat caputt yf .ʒ. ss diagridij bee us j
insceantius et putte it hit will bee Resinge of the sun
Take theese in posset Pille aurie ʒ j of the more force. Peindes ana ℥ j ss
ale of ale purgat caput ffor wormes maidenhere parum
To purge malencoly Take all theese pills a purge Sugar ℥ ij
♃ Elect nidi ʒ i ss after supper or in the ♃ turbith Boile all in a pottle
confect hamech ʒ iij morning aboute thre diagridij of Ale or Beare to
Zu q.s. iii ss of the clocke and sleepe Hermodactilorum aum ℈ ss the halfe then strain
alliter apon them and to one ainsi mundi et drinke of hitt
♃ Diasent lenetuum that is strong you may Rabarb aum ℈ j when you go to bed
confect hanech ana ℥ ss geeve. ʒ j ss. Zuccar ad pondus & in the morninge
misc geue these wrapp them in the omnium fs pulius eate brothe warm
in posset ale of gotes papp of an apple or doz ℈ j or ℈ ij cum ffor one draft and
milk put them in an egge vino callido no more take halfe
To purge flegme that is poched reare for the head the thinge & boile it
♃ Diafenicon ℥ ss and swallow them & 4 pulius sene pepar as before to one good
pull thera simpl ʒ ss drinke lustilie after ata ℈ j aute cenam drafte
Zuc .q.s. misc them purgat caput mi= A strong Purg
alliter or gild them & set them rabiliter ♃ Diasenicon ʒ ij
♃ Diafenicon ʒ v by you and take them A purging consue Diacatholiconis ʒ vj
diacastholicon ʒ ij in the nighte for ♃ tubith electi misc gev it in warm
misceantue geue they are excedinge diagridij ana ʒ iij broth or posset ale
theese in posset drink bitter & work eselie. cinamonij ʒ j To purg with the
made with white win for fatt men: Zinziberis rote Mecoacon
Geue theese in the An exelent pulder gariophilorum ♃ iij s waight of the
morninge. sleepe to clense the head rad Ireos flor aum ʒ ij rote in pulder for a
nott : kepe the chamber and stomack con sua Rosarum ℥ ij childe. ixd waighte
and when on hower ♃ turbith electi ʒ j zuccar alb li j for a woman x v &
after take warme pul folliorum sene ʒ ij dissolu zuccar for a man. steepe it
thin brothoe & kepe you hermodactilorum ℈ ij in aqua re rub q s & in a draft of Secke
warme se anise ss Electi exelens all night. drink it
Theese be fitt to be se niculi doz. ʒ ij or ʒ iij in the morninge &
geven in cases off cumim Pulius sollubilis sleepe on it if you
repercussion. Zinziberis aum ℈ ss ♃ zene ʒ v can for then hit doth
yff on be exceding tartari albj ℈ v agarick troch ʒ j worke the better &
costiue mace ʒ ss fs pule Rabarb electi ʒ j ss fast after hitt so long
♃ So much quicksilver et in sceantur Zinziberis as you will for when
as a farthinge temper doz ʒ j uel ʒ ij cinamonij you eate hit dothe
it with terpentine & cum ℥ ij aque zuc mics mustate aum ℥ ss leaue workinge
spreade it on lether carie uel brodie contundantur et ʒ ss pueris ʒ j Jivienilz
and laie it on the uell vino callido misc se pul non ad & adolescentiz, ʒ ij vial
navull. yf on hee potest accipe ʒ ss modum temus et mulierlz
will go to stole it will aute cenand et valet {Th} Purg lozenge pituitam presertim et
be within on hower multum per pingiulz ♃ Sene ℥ j aquas edutit; itterum
vse this in cases of and I haue geven ainsi ʒ ij diagrid ʒ j cephaleam, strumas, &
extremytie. and on ʒ j ss. for a good doz. Zinzib electi ʒ j epilptiam curat ueteres
may geue ℈ j in ward Pille communes zucc ℥ vj aque Rosarum defluxiones sistit, coli
lie vide wormes. ʒ j ss or ʒj & q.s. pul. pulu ss lozeng articulorum, & renum dolontiz
geue these before utilis est, et vteri dolos
supper they are astriati, tussi ueteri, se
good for the stom bribij & lue uenerea
ak & worke slowlie uexatis. monardij pa. bg.
ffor the most part I did
geeue non but theese
To cleanse the stomacke of fatt men & help panie 234.c.2:
Infuse good mustard seed in good vinegar make it thin & drinke fasting
it is exelent

Pul: Mechoacan Composs
♃ Rad: Mecho: ℥ jss ℈ ij matis, Canopillorum, piparis, Zinzeb,
Canamoni, nuris, muscst, Cardamo: ana ℈ ss Rad Enuli,
pimpinell ana ℈ s Diagred ʒ ij turbith saccari
Candi ana ʒ j dos. from ℈ ij to ʒi /

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Caroline Butten

Confectio Hamech was a purgative preparation, reputedly named after an Arab physician of the name of Hamech. It was a syrupy preparation compounded from colocynth, scammony, agaric, senna leaves, rhubarb, myrobalans and other ingredients mixed with honey.

Caroline Butten

A posset was originally a popular British hot drink made of milk curdled with wine or ale, often spiced, which was often used as a remedy

Caroline Butten

costive = constipated