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Slepe Sleepe
To make on sleepe Ut exritotur cum volu[durt]
♃ Lettis Seedes: or the greene leues ♃ Surru Barbe fouit & unge tom
of Lettis stampe them small temp para & ifatim obugilabit
them wth womans milke: and bind them Well unge rput ru aroto
unto the temples: and washe the feete wth water fouri, & funde arofu in nowitz et in
and Salte and wrappe the feete in a warme cloth ore dig & opigilabitt
Alliter To make on sleepe
♃ the forste of poppie womans ♃ Semen Liosqinaini albj tere &
milke, and a little camphier, mix detur in vino bullita viol in posn of
them and anointe the temples. stat im dormiet ita quod nill senceat
& excisetur vt dicidest cu acese.
Alliter Bonn est dare castoreum
Boyle violette in faire water and pos in posn vell naribz ponatur post
Set his feete upp to the Ancles in excitefur qina est triata opij ett
the same water: & bind of the herbe Liosquianij: qina nerues callesacit
unto the temples /unclear> & maximio confortat in palisin
Bruse poppies seede small wt the Pro frenetic & insanis
white of an Egge & womans milke ♃ Salnain, Mentastrud Eb ulim
and Applie unto the Temples or ana Mj Brilliantnr in vio albo bono
♃ of the Joyce of Petite morrell & emplastretur sup summitate capith
and womans milke ana Pewter spone et stat im dormiet
fulls of [unclear] one mix them and To cause on sleepe
heate them anoint therwith the ♃ Oile of Roses ʒj white vinegar
Temples and wett lynen Clouses Populean ana ʒj opij 3j white wax
therin and appie to the temples 3y insceantin [] Emplu & applica
ffor the same sup tempora Or
♃ Srrupe of Poppie [ʒj ]the desti ♃ Olea ♃Papaueris & lilio ♃ aquatir
lled water of lettis ʒ mix them ana ʒ populeoins ʒ nusc & aplica
and take it ij howers after supp cue Lino Or
or the Srropp alone Or ♃ Succo ♃ Liosquiaminij, lacsuce
Bind Jues Eares of an fllaxne to papaueris, plntaginis; cicute, foll
the Temples steped in poppye mandragone, & mori ana 3j opij
water or Lettis water or bacca ♃ Heder ana: Beate ye berris
ffor the same and opud together then mix them wth
♃ womans milke the Joyste off the Joiste: then let a Spunge drink
Lettis & of the topps of Flaxne or yt all upp let the Spunge drie &
walworte, oile of violette ana ʒ put that drie Spunge to his nose
vinegar a little: put all into sum & he will sleepe
pott, and put that pott in sethinge dipp an other cleane Spunge in
water & boile it thicke anoynt Stronge venigar and holde to his
the temples therwith Or nose and he will awake exet♃
♃ greeme poppie & petie morell To cause on sleepe
Bryony them wt oile of Roses or Rose ♃ the topps of Henbane Fllarne
water and lay to the foreheadd buddes & poppie seedes: oile of Roses
Dormitorul Lumberdo ♃ qs pun all to gether licke greene
♃ Seis Hiosquiaminj Darnelle sause and applie hitt
Papaueris ingri & radices ffor the same
Brione siccate ana & omina in morsa ♃ Rose leaues greene or drie infuse
rio ones tere in pulide subsilisie the in in Oile of Roses Rose water &
da in potagio vell potu: & dorinet veingar and bind them to the
y una drem vell plus [frindu] qualitat temples and foreheadd


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Alliter means otherwise


♃ means Thursday (ruling planet Jupiter)


ʒ means dram