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Slepe Sleepe
ffor to make Sleepe In Extremis vigillys
♃ Opij half dram pone in petia lineo subtilis ♃ Populeon one ounce olei uiolarum one half ounce [.] hiosci
et impone na[..]b[.]: gr.j.or ij sufficit Or [.] orinj cort mandrag. aira one dram orij gr
♃ Dia scordium . one dram . eunte [d]ormitum hit xi aceti parum fe unguent
causes sleepe [SAliud]
[.] Catarros [inspirsandes] of ♃ ung.. populeon one ounce dei [uiolarum ] half ounce hiasci
Soporem inducendumem/en/un [.] amj cors[.] mandragora an.a half dram croci
♃ Stirate liquids albe, olibonij, mixx [he] cascie ligue an.a one scruple misc se ung.
Succi liqueriry, opij, an.a two ounces camphore Ad Prouocams Somnum
half scruple gr vi fe massa doʒ a gr iiij ad gra vii ♃ Se papauerus akbj, contunde cu lacse
hora sommmi [..] mulieris: adde aque tafarum uell uiolarum &
Ungoutum Sommiforum [.]ppoue timpori[..] & prilsum mamirum
♃ Sutu egosgmony, mandragone, rurue Ad idem
Farfure, papaudive alla, & rugri, of semina ♃ Succi [.]pij aceh fortis qs et cum pirlue
ommum per dicfarum herbarrum [.] haberi poteriut cafforei fe Emplumum
ana. opij thebaici & opij [] ana, axungie Somniferum Petri
[] []
[] []
[] []
[] []
[] []
[] []
[] To make on sleepe
[] ♃ Egremonie pun hit and lay to the
[] Temples & putt the herbe in his nyghte
[] cappe unwares
[] To make a sick body sleepe
[] ♃ Pile of Roses camfior womans milk
[] ana a little mixe them & applie to the
[] temples
ffor the Same A Cordiall to coole eppell
[] malignitie and [......] slepe
[] ♃ Diascordium one gram dia codium half an ounce
[] sirup of lymons or citrons one ounce of
[] carduus Benedick water two ounces one handful sc[eat.]
[] geue it each iiij or v howers three
[] tymes and begin at ix or x aclock
[] at nyghte. Monsieur Smith
[] To make on sleepe
[] ♃ xij greate [wormes] or more strippe
[] them cleane: putto them as manie gren
[] leaues of Singreene stamp them all to
[] gether mix them with wheaten flower so
[] that itt be moist and thicke: spread it on a
[] cloth: & put a clothe betweene the temples
[] and hitt. my fathers.
[] To make on sleepe
for the same opiuum two grams stay the Rewme and Coughe
[] ♃ of opium two grams make in as manye
[] peces as you can possible put hitt on A
[] paper: strew the pulder of Brimstone
[] apon Burning Coles (hold away your
[] head) holde the paper ouer the flame &
[] drie the opyium so that it
[] may be puldred by crumbling: temper
[] the pulder with sum conserue with a little
pulder of Safroni mak it in a Ball & it
will last xij monthes doȝ gram i with
sum conserue: at sleeping tyme &c

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The heading in line 7 becomes abbreviated in line 8 but I'm not sure what it means.


I have started to leave the lines in Latin as "unclear" as I think my attempts at transcribing them are more confusing than helpful. I will prioritise the English.