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To rause on to sleepe ymediatly Dorme
♃ the jouses of henbane, lettis, planten ♃ Centaur, Burse... []
poppy, hemlocke, of the leaues of the []
mandrake, of mulbery leaues ana one dram []
opium and yvie berries ana one dram stampe []
the opium and berries to gether and [ Pulius contra dormes]
mix yor jouses and them alto gether []
Then lit a Spunge drinke itt all upp []
Lay the Spunge in the Sunne to drie []
Hold the drie Spunge to his nose and []
he will sleepe quicklie. []
To waken him []
Dipp an other Spunge in uinegar and hold ffor the coughe
to his nose & hee will awake. ♃ the lightes of A fox Boile them in wyne then
A plaster for the same drie them and take of that pulder vid 279
♃ Oile of Roses one ounce white uinegar half ounce of ffor Asthmasie
populeon half ounce of opium two drams white wax two drams [tapsie barbatis] aboute midsomer and [.......]
mix them and make a plaster and laye on washe them in warme water : then drie them
the temples. in the shadows and make them in fine pulder
To make on sleepe mix of this pulder with clarefied hunye less
♃ littus seede a good quantite stampe hitt untill it be a confection: & but take heede hit
small temper it with womans milk and plaste bee nott so thicke: Eate herif morning and
wise lay it to the temples Euening so much as a nutmeg or more they
yt is good to washe his feete with that licke nott hunye may make it with sugar
warme water and [salte] and wrapp the or Beate the greene herbes not sugar lick
feete in a warme [..eepe] wheil the [f/s..s] conserue of Roses
medecyne is applied to the temples [..] ffor Stopping of the [......]
vide 227 fin[e] ♃ Sugar candie half ounce sulphur uine one gram make
ffor the rewme them in fine pulder & mixe them well &
[Pillirle] x mithridate & olibane geue of this pulder drye or with the water
[retentum] in fre curat dolorem reumatis of carduus beate marie one gram much praises
supercily, occulorum, dentumum [.] 25 ab ffor the Olde coughe
ffactis uinum sili[..] ♃ Hasell nute Burne them Beate them unto
[] pulder geue of that pulder in milk
[] ffor flegme
ffor the coughe make broth with a ch[... ...] out salt and
♃ Catminte chop them small then [] blow of the fatt: stir therin the yolke
hit with ij Egge & make there of A tansye and of the Egge & drink it warme
eate hitt at any tyme [we] thinke the jaiste. ffor the coughe & Surfeite
ffor the coughe Hipocrat medcine ♃ Ale [..] iiij seeth it and Skim it cleanes
♃ Hoorehound two handfuls of ground fi[n]ill one half handfull and put in mynte and hissope ana Eighte
of sandworte one handful boile them in axungie & croppes, liquerish in pulder three grams saigar
them stamp it well and mak therof A one gram boile all a little the strane hitt & kepe
plaster and laie on the brest it warme by the fier: & put in finn
for the coughe pulder of mace: Drinke it & make
♃ line seedes and fenugreeke boile them alebers and caudeks with it [..]
well in water presse out the [...firlag]
ad butter and anoint the breste
To cause sleepe
ffor the coughe
♃ Hempsedes & lyneseedes ana Boile them
in water uery tender : stowade them ana on a
cloth and applie them apon the brest onece
in a daye, & use them with oximell simplex.
♃ a great onion make thin hollow nithe
middest: fill the Hole with hunnye rest him
then put him in a pott . putto wyne boile
all and drinke the wyne going to bedd

Notes and Questions

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I've been transcribing ampersands as '&' but there is a second form that the scribe uses that looks like a 'C'. Do I expand this as 'and'?

Double checked with the team and we're transcribing it as &


Should we expand measurements i.e. 'one ounce' or write '℥i'


I have started to leave lines of Latin as "unclear" as I am not very experienced with it. I will prioritise the English.