MS 244: Dineley/Dyneley (or Dingley/Dyngley), Henry (& others)

Collection of medical receipts in English, with a few in Latin. Preceded by a Calendar, etc., and at the end part of an Armorial by an earlier hand. With additions to the Receipts by later hands. Written mainly in double column: the Calendar in red and black, and the Armorial partly emblazoned, with many blank or incomplete shields. There are numerous small pen-drawings of medical apparatus, etc.: Prelim. leaf 1v 'A trewe Est and Weste erecte dial'. 4v Shield with arms of Dineley, and date 1613. 14v Small sketch of parts of a fishing rod of the Author's invention. 15v 'A pype to heale thrustes of my owne invention'. Page 26 A surgical 'Tente'. There is a similar drawing on p. 29. 67 Surgical needle and thread. 68 Use of above in a leg wound. 71 Drawing of a 'pype' similar to that noted above. 79 Box for a lead plaster, and a mortar. 170 Drawing of a truss, and of a male figure wearing it. 283 A 'pype' to fumigate the ears. 311 Circular diagram connected with the making of 'aqua mirabilis'. 337 Leg showing bandage for a fractured tibia. The Calendar shows that the writer was a Roman Catholic, and this section is compiled by the earlier hand, as are all the preliminary leaves and the Armorial. The signature of 'Henry Dingley' appears on the verso of the first prelim. leaf. On the mutilated leaf mentioned above, is a note of weights and measures 'Wrytten this V day of Auguste anno christiano 1564'. The text ends 'Wheresoever ye see this carecter HD stand in the margent of this my boke agaynst any medycine, oyle, oyntment...within this boke that have I Henry dineley prouyd withowte dowte and no other have I myself prouyd'. The first two leaves beginning at the other end of the volume also contain inscriptions. On the verso of the first is a note beginning 'The yeare of oure lorde god 1564: was the coldest sprynge and the wyndyst that ever I h:d: dyd see.... This is followed by astrological predictions for the year. It ends with two lines in Italic hand signed Henry Dingley: 'Anno Domini 1592 Died all the Baye trees in Englande above ground but reuiued at the Rootes for the most parte whereof I had twooe in my gardeyn'. Below in a different script 'Anno Domini 1598 no fructe, Apples nor peares'. The end of this note has been obliterated in ink, but it is possibly also signed 'Henry Dingley'. At the head of the second leaf is an inscription in the older hand, 'Liber henrici Dineley. ex dono ffrancisci Dineley armigeri. Anno 1591 3 decembris'. This is repeated above the signature 'Frauncis Dyneley 1592'. Among scribbled Latin and French below those inscriptions is 'henry Dyneley of hanley chastell oweth this Booke. Per me Henry Dyneley'. In the text is a reference on p. 335 to 'my father anno 1548' and on p. 339 to 'my grandfather, my father and myself at Tewkesbury'. Many of the additions by a later hand bear the name of Dr. [John] Sadler [1615-1664]. The latest date in the text is 1633.


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244 DINELEY [n DINGLEY) (Henry) [& others]

Medical recepts, and an Armorial, etc ([Drleil]) 1564-1633

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when ester terme dothe begyn Be hit knowen that ester terme dothe begyne all ways the xxiij day after ester [round] ester day for one and endithe the mvnday nexte after the astencyon daye Trinite terme dothe begyn All wey The fryday nexte after Corpus Christi day : And endythe The wensday fortnyght after. Michellmas terme dothe begyne All wey on The nynthe or tenthe day of October : And endythe The eyght and twenty or nyne and twenty day of Nouember. Hillary terme dothe bygyne The three and twenty or foure and twenty of Janvarye and endithe The twellfe or thyrtyne day of the monythe off febrvarij Notte thys that in ester terme on the astencyon day : In trinyte terme on the natynyte of seynt Ihon the baptiste : In mychellmas terme on the seste of allseyntes and on allsolles day : in hillary terme on candel || mas day : nor vpon any sonday : The kynge jugges do not vse to sytt in Iudgmet. for the carpe ether in poole or in the ryver Take a bayte that ys callyd a codde bayte & first put your hocke thorow the myddle of : iij : or iiij . of them then put on one on the poynte of your hocke a longe wyse And so angle with them & the carpe will byte at yt. To make a water for to make a iake with all Take the sthavyngis of horne : and good stronge worte and boylle your horne and your worte to geder tyll yt be as thyke as oylle : and then Rubbe it on the lynen ch clothe that sthalbe with in your iacke and then arye it well and then put yt into your iake and so make it vp.

{[tor dyuer g di dogi d audies for die]}

{4 5 6 7 8 9 10}

{Lore yo 10}

diagram of 'A Trew Stile Stile'

{A Trewe Est & North Weste} {Erecte diall}

diagram of 'Another fassion Stile trew


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Janvary hathe : xxxj : days. {2}
iii. a circumsisio domini: 1. xvij. g. invensio paulli: 25.
b 2 vj. a. St. alexander 26.
xj c 3 b. St. dunstane 27.
d 4 xiiij. c. St. oswaldus. 28.
xix. e nonas: 5
viij. f idus epiphemi domini 6
g id 7
xvj. a id 8 Vere or Springe time begyinthe, when the sonne enterythe
v b id 9 into the signe of : Aries : & it indurithe : 93 . days that is from the
c id panle the hermyt. 10 xj. day of Marche vnto the : xij. of June. in this tyme the
xiij. d id Soll in aquarius. 11 day & nyght are evyned in hir regyons. the tyme wayithe
ij. e id 12 plesant & sweet, the eayre ys puryfyed : the spryngys
f id 13 boylle abote of the yerthe : the moystnes that in winter abode
x. g kalendas februarij. 14 in rotys ascendith vp into the croppys of erbis & plantes:
a ka 15 bestes & fules renw hir kyndes : & fisthes goo to the stremys
xviij. b ka 16 & store them selfes : & deliver furthe their spaune in their
vij. c ka 17 kindes. the yerthe ys bewtyfied with flouers of fresthe hews
d ka 18 & the tres with flouers & frute. & all thing that berithe lyfe is
xv. e ka 19 refresthid. The worlde ys then lyconyd vnto a mayd
iiij. f ka 20 of xvj. yeres of age that ys bewtyfull bothe of face, body,
g ka 21 and all kynd of gorgious apparel. Vere is hoote and
xij. a ka 22 moyste : & it is temperat lyke vnto the eaire. the blod
j. b ka 23 of man ys quykenyd and sterid a brode into all partes
c ka 24 & membres of the body, & persitethe in that, that ys equale
ix. d ka Conuersio sti. panli 25 in complexcyon : that ys to sey temperat. And in the time
e ka 26 of vere thow stholdes eate hennis : chekyns : capons :
xvij. f ka 27 & suche lyke : & new leide egges softe I roste amonge : that
vj. g ka Sti. agnetis virginis 28 ys to sey sildn : & eate wilde lettes : I : rasins : drinke &
a ka 29 eate gottes mylke : for it restorithe natur greatly. ther
xiiij b ka 30 ys no time of the yere more better or more prefytable
iij. c ka 31. to blede in. & in that time labor & movinge of the
Nox habet horas. 16 dies vero : 8 : body ys good : to bathe, to provoke swete, to drinke &
febrvarij : hathe : xxviij. days. eate sirupes made of spyces & of erbyes that are tem
d. Ste. brigide virginis. 1. perat : and to take purgatyones ys good.
xj. e. purificacio beate marie. 2
xix. f. Ste. blasij. 3 Marche hathe : xxxj. days.
viij. g. 4 iij. d. david rex. .1.
a. Ste. agathe virginis. 5 e. Cedde epistopi. .2.
xvj. b. Ste. dorothee virginis. 6 xj. f. .3.
v. c. Nonas. 7 g. .4.
d. idus 8 xix. a. .5.
xiij. e. ids. Ste. apolonia virginis. 9 viij. b. .6.
ij. f. ids. Soll in pisces. 10 c. nonas. .7.
g. ids. 11 xvj. d. idus .8.
x. a. ids. 12 v. e. ids. .9.
b. ids. 13 f. ids. .10.
xviij. c. kalendas Ste. valentinj. Marcij 14 xiij. g. ids. .Sol in aries. .11.
vij. d. k. 15 ij. a. ids. gregorij papa. 12.
e. k. 16 b. .13.
xv. f. k. 17 x. c. .14.
iiij. g. k. 18 d. .15.
a. k. 19 xviij. e. kalendas aprilis. .16.
xij. b. k. 20 vij. f. .17.
j. c. k. 21 g. edwardij rex. .18.
d. k. 22
ix. e. k. 23
f. k. Ste. matheu. locus lisextes. 24
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xv. A. ka. Josepe Sponse marie xix. xiij. C. ids. 9.
iij. b. ka. Cutberts 20. ij. d. ids. 10.
16 c. ka. Santus Benedictus loke y ponie & y 21. E. ids. 11.
5 xij. d. ka. next sundiy after is esher daie in Black 22. x. f. ids. . Sol in geminij. 12.
letters as 1630 .c. dominicall letter &
j. e. ka. Ester xxviij of marche 23. x. g. ids. 13.
13 f. ka. .faste. 24. xviij. A.ids. 14.
vij. B. id. 15.
z ix. g. ka. Ammociacio beate marie. 25. c. ida kalendae iviiij. 16.
a. ka. 26. xxi. d. ida 17.
10 xvij. b. ka. 27. iiij. e. ida 18.
vj. c. ka. 28. f. ida sei dvnstanj. 19.
18 d. ka. See victorie. 29. xij. g. ida sei Barnerdi. 20.
7 xiiij. e. ka. 30. j. A. ida 21.
iij. f. ka. 31. B. ida 22.
the pryme In Marche after the firste .C. the nexte ix. C. ida 23.
in this rule pryme tell ye. the third sunday I d. C. ida 24.
is in Red letter wis : Ester day syker it is. xvij. e. ka 25.
as 1630 : 15 . vs Nox habet horas : xij : dies vero : xij off vj. f. ka sei austinij. 26.
prym : 28 mth Apriell hathe : xxx : days. g. ka sei bede : 27.
is Ester day.
15 g. 1. xiiij. A. ka 28.
4 xj. a. sei richardi : 2. iij. b. ka 29.
b. sei ambrosia : 3. c. ka 30
12 xix. c. 4. xj. d. ka sei petronille viag. 31.
1 viij. d. nonas. 5. nox habet horas : viij. dies vero. xvj:
xvj. e. idus. 6.
9 v. f. ids 7. Estas or Somer beginyeth when the sonne enterieth into
g. ids 8. the firste degre of the : Crabe : & it indurieth : 92 : days that
17 xiij. A. ids. sei etheldred virg. 9. is to sey from the : xij : of June unto the : xiij : of September.
6 ij. b. ids. sol in taurus. 10. & in this time the days are lengthenyd : & the nyght ys
c. ids. 11. shortenyd. And in all regyons heet incressythe : the
14 x. d. ids. 12. windis are in flamyed by heet & depressid : the see is passa
3 e. idus. 13. ble : spens are genderid : verry ys dyssusyd : the fysthes
xviij. f. kaladae. Maij. 14. lye & walls in the stremys leppinge after flyes & sekinge
11 vij. g. ka. sei oswaldi archiepistopi : 15. after their foode wherof they have plenty. the eayre is
a. ka. note Ester Day is never lower then the 16. clere : corne wayithe rype : and then the worlde is lyke
19 xv. b. ka. xxith of march nor higher then the 17. a spose complett of body & of presyt age inflamyd with heete.
8 iiij. c. ka. [th]of April : the 25th 18. The tyme of somer is hoote & drye ineth withe reed coller
d. ka. sei alphegij. 19. is reysid, excytid & a bondieth in boddis disseasid. And it be //
xij. e. ka. 20. honythe the to be ware of only meate that is hoote & drye of
j. f. ka. 21. complexcion : for that excytethe reed coller. absteine that time
g. ka 22. from repleccyon bothe of meate & drinke lest naturall heete
ix. a. ka sei georgij. 23. be quenchid. But eate then of every thinge that ys moyst &
b. ka 24. colde of natur : as vealle with vinegar : fatte chekyns : capons : &
xvij. c. ka Marke evangeliste. faste. 25. cucurbytes : with suche other. your pottage sthold be made with the brane of barly. frut that tyme the wiche are of soure taste
vj. d. ka 26. & soure eqpules do then leste hurte to the body. and inthe time
e. ka 27. of somer for beare the vse of wemen : lettinge of blode : from
xiiij. f. ka 28. baythes : and from oure myche menynge of the body. for all
iij. g. ka 29. thos things ar vnholsimn to beoure myche vsie in the
a. kalendae. 30. tyme of somer. idea cave : et iterum dico tibi cenem.
Nox habet horas : x : dies vero : xijij
May hathe : xxxj. dais.
xj. b. philipe and iacobe. 1. Jvne hathe : xxx : days. I
c. 2. e. sei nichomede. 1.
xix. d. invencion of the crosse. 3. 19. f. 2.
viij. e. 4. 8. g. 3.
f. 5. 16. a. 4.
xvi. g. stanecti iohims ante portam latiniam. 6. v. B. nonas. benefacij. papa. 5.
v. a. nonas. 7. C. idus 6.
huez b. idus. 8. xiij. d. ids. 7.
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