MS 244: Dineley/Dyneley (or Dingley/Dyngley), Henry (& others)

Collection of medical receipts in English, with a few in Latin. Preceded by a Calendar, etc., and at the end part of an Armorial by an earlier hand. With additions to the Receipts by later hands. Written mainly in double column: the Calendar in red and black, and the Armorial partly emblazoned, with many blank or incomplete shields. There are numerous small pen-drawings of medical apparatus, etc.: Prelim. leaf 1v 'A trewe Est and Weste erecte dial'. 4v Shield with arms of Dineley, and date 1613. 14v Small sketch of parts of a fishing rod of the Author's invention. 15v 'A pype to heale thrustes of my owne invention'. Page 26 A surgical 'Tente'. There is a similar drawing on p. 29. 67 Surgical needle and thread. 68 Use of above in a leg wound. 71 Drawing of a 'pype' similar to that noted above. 79 Box for a lead plaster, and a mortar. 170 Drawing of a truss, and of a male figure wearing it. 283 A 'pype' to fumigate the ears. 311 Circular diagram connected with the making of 'aqua mirabilis'. 337 Leg showing bandage for a fractured tibia. The Calendar shows that the writer was a Roman Catholic, and this section is compiled by the earlier hand, as are all the preliminary leaves and the Armorial. The signature of 'Henry Dingley' appears on the verso of the first prelim. leaf. On the mutilated leaf mentioned above, is a note of weights and measures 'Wrytten this V day of Auguste anno christiano 1564'. The text ends 'Wheresoever ye see this carecter HD stand in the margent of this my boke agaynst any medycine, oyle, oyntment...within this boke that have I Henry dineley prouyd withowte dowte and no other have I myself prouyd'. The first two leaves beginning at the other end of the volume also contain inscriptions. On the verso of the first is a note beginning 'The yeare of oure lorde god 1564: was the coldest sprynge and the wyndyst that ever I h:d: dyd see.... This is followed by astrological predictions for the year. It ends with two lines in Italic hand signed Henry Dingley: 'Anno Domini 1592 Died all the Baye trees in Englande above ground but reuiued at the Rootes for the most parte whereof I had twooe in my gardeyn'. Below in a different script 'Anno Domini 1598 no fructe, Apples nor peares'. The end of this note has been obliterated in ink, but it is possibly also signed 'Henry Dingley'. At the head of the second leaf is an inscription in the older hand, 'Liber henrici Dineley. ex dono ffrancisci Dineley armigeri. Anno 1591 3 decembris'. This is repeated above the signature 'Frauncis Dyneley 1592'. Among scribbled Latin and French below those inscriptions is 'henry Dyneley of hanley chastell oweth this Booke. Per me Henry Dyneley'. In the text is a reference on p. 335 to 'my father anno 1548' and on p. 339 to 'my grandfather, my father and myself at Tewkesbury'. Many of the additions by a later hand bear the name of Dr. [John] Sadler [1615-1664]. The latest date in the text is 1633.


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[?] Day Sun L Circumsitio kalendes pryme digits New Moon & pryme full & half digits days. Roman
holidayes nones sunn eclips eclips call.
1. A Circumsicion kalendes 3 0 4.48.p 0 0 0 11 .d.
2. B 4 Nones 12 12.26.p 12 e
3. c 3 Nones 16. 7.58.a 13 f
4. d. prid Non [4] 0 7.18.p 1 11.21.p. 14 g
1 A holly days
2 B
3 c
41. 4 d Crxcasio
5 f cixcum sicio
6 g 1613
7 a
8 B
9 c
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Putesses Cum to me hands ffor the foule stabb in the Head
since I wrote the those {9} ♃ farnia seratis Red meale q u
on the other syde Refine pul. subt q s boile them in
{1} ♃ folliorum [maluerum] two handfuls Erigeri aqua flueute unto the forme off
Ground swill one handful Bind them in a lynen cataplasme: spreade it apon
cloth, and boile them in the Brothe off lether, aplie itt hott. 45 E
veale: untill they bee tender: then To Suppurat Bubo [ueuis]
stamp them very small and add {10} ♃ Se three pounds, fe ungreci gresse putt ana
to them cremore lactis dulcis two ounces sicum caitulsorum four ounces half ping
half a pound micarum parris albi seven ounces sew laedi half an ounce, cereisie q s boile all
[ouile minut im inscise liss olei Ross] to pultis aplie itt hott 46 B
four ouncesBoile all thicke and in the coo Against Inflamation
ling ad therto viteellorum onorum {11} ♃ the leaues of Henbane: Boile them
no ii et se Cataplastina. There in milke uery tender stamp them
dooth Asswage payne & suppura fin all putto a little Safron mix
teth tumors: all well and aplie itt
To mundesie and heale filthie To Suppurat an Apustume
ulcers {12 } ♃ Crumbes of Bredd one ounce great kepinge
{2} ♃ Cerevitia optime, & satis veteris eight pounds stones taken out one ounce, fresh Butter &
folliorum hedere humilis, Calendule, ab hogge greace ana six grams leauen five grams
sinth ij malue ana three handfuls folliorum Ca[rofolij cow milke two ounces Saffron one scruple make
et chelidonij ana two handfuls, Sumitat ursice therof a pultis used warm & [...]
rub, & folliorum Prassice ana one handful, Radices ffor the same [....... 35 A]
Briome [mgre] six ounces shred that [..] to be cut {13} ♃ far fabar & trisici ana one ounce farma
uery small, then boile them unto they Seis three pounds & fenugreci ana four grams figge
be tender, then ad far [fabary] semumis coritused one half ounce Axmigie two ounces croci one scruple
three pounds & fenugrecj ana four ounces Boile & stirr uitiel ouorum ij se Cataplasm
them untill it cum unto the forme off To Asuage payne mollefye
Cataplasme: Aplie it hott & thick at hardnes and heale [ueceris]
morning and Eueninge: [mimdefieth] {14}[Saporis nigri, fellis canri, aqua ]
and hialeth Rotten and filthie ulcers. [uile ana two ounces plumbi rubri & albi ana]
Such An other Pultis 47D one ounces pul [sibt] boile & stir them [uele] A
{3} ♃ Cereuifie optime one pound uitellorum ouorum pultis let them coole well them put
[..] iij polimis [triticj] qrs. mix them well in uitellorum ouorum well beaten [..iiij]
and gently boile them unto a cataplasm mix all well: spread it & aplie itt.
{x} then ad therto Erugnis pul one ounce nicor To take a waye payne 47 B
rate them fully: And after (due washing) {15} ♃ Croci pul one gram oloi Rofalt three grams uitell
aplie itt unto any [] Rotten stinking and oirorum no iiij incorporate them well
filthoe ulcer morn & Euening [warmis] spreade it on lether thick & aplie it
ffor Inflamation ffor Swelling in the stones
♃ folliorum Hyoscianij Boile them in milke {16} ♃ micarum paris atri & farma falarum
{4} and after stampe them with a little safron boile them in warte then ad cumin
in pulder and make therof A cataplasm seede in pulder, fresh butter, of each
aplie it warme SAB a little mak therof A pultis & aplie
ffor hidropicall tumors and aplie it warme 47 testuculis
{5} ♃ Stercoris Boui iij one pound Stercoris capri.. ffor the Squinanci Angina
three ounces [sem. Amsa. feniculi: Canij ana half ounce] {17} ♃ unguent dia Alther four ounces []
[.. fe Cata plasin] [.] ung or Swallowes [.....] six ounces
ffor Angina in the throate make therof a pultis & Aplie itt
{6}[Sterc caniuj akbi et mellis ana qs fe c] Inflamed womens Breste
[] {18} ♃ farme seis three pounds one half ounce far Hordei two ounces
[] florum Camomille p. j . rosarum rul.. three grams
[] boccarum micsi two grams pul. boile all in uineg
[] to the wasting of the uinegar then ad of
[] hens greace four ounces then ad oile of Roses
any on of theese will do itt & of camomill ana two ounces stamp all unto
for payne in a hott cause pane in [somte] a pultis and aplie it warme
{7} ♃ medulla panis medij one pound lactis recentis
q s. Boile them thick then ad therto oyle
of uiolete if the paine bee meane: but if
the payne be greate oyle of Henbane and
aplie itt
ffor paine in jointe
{8} ♃ coclee cum tostis q. s. stamp them & aplie
them in forme of a cataplasme of rare
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ffor Bruse ach or Swelling ffor Swelling rankling Ache
{i} ♃ mallowes, cammonnll, Rose leaues new {10} Groundes of Strong ale a pynte white
or drye anna M, Boile them in faier wyne a pynte halfe a pynte, rose leaues dry
{X} water a quarte till halfe the water or newe a pint dishfull. sheepe or deare suet
be consumed, then put in vinegar one pound half pound boile them well. thicken it with crumbes off
Barlie meale M, then boil it thick as white bredd make a plaster therof bigg enough
pappe and aplie it hott as may bee suf and aplie it hott & chaung it ouer xij howers
fered ed chang it morn and Euening ffor Sowlne breste & mylke quarde
157:thome: ffor spraine, Bruse, stripe, or {11} ♃ Sweete mylke otemeale groate Brusedd
Swellinge .11.c2. A lilly Rootes and wake Robbin Roote slised and
{2} ♃ a quarte of the grounds of the strongest brused boile all untill it be thicke and hott
ale, Smallage, Broke lyme, & mallows aplye hitt:
anna one handfull chopp them so small as you can ffor Breste Sowlne prick and
and boile them a quarter of an hower, Ake
then by little and little strowe in otemell {12} ♃ A quarte of new milke, Otemeale grate
or fyne wheaten Branne to make it to one handfull or two handfulls: Boile them a quarter of an howor
be thick stirr it an aplie hott. and stir them for burning so: then put therin
ffor the same 11c2. docke leaues and Ellarne leaues, (or [forlak]
{3}♃ lyneseedes in pulder half pound wormwod half pound of Ellarne leaues) the greene lack [...]
Boile the wormwod in a good quantitie off Ellarne: and Redd Sage leaues ana two handfulls cut
puer water untill it be tender: then Small and stampte and Boile and stir all
take out the wormwode in the same well to gother then lay theof so much apon
water boile the lyneseedes untill hit be a cloth as will couer the brest and hott
thicke: then chop and pund your wormwod as may be suffred aplie itt: and trusse up
uery small and put ty your worwod to your the breste straight as you can: dresse hit
lyneseed stir them & let them boile: them so [th..e] a daye: And when it is broken put
ad wheaten bran, and hogge greace & put into the holes Tirpentyne mixedd
stir and mix them and aplie it hott with hoge greace and couer all with your sud
ffor Bruse milk otemeale & herbes: yf this cume
{4} ♃ watercresses wash them cleane, bole tyme Enough it will heale it with oute
boyle them in faire water untill they breakinge: and you may warme your plaster
be tender, then chopp and pund them & put them into from tyme to tyme with new warm milke
a pan with lees of wyne sheepe suett and ffor Breste [&c]
fyne wheaten branne boile it thick and {13} ♃ Mallowes and wormwood ana two handfuls
applie it warme boyle them tender in fair water: take
11 c 2 ffor bl.. bruse an to Ripe a rose them oute & lett the water run from
{5} ♃ Otemeale groates put them small & them: then cut them small: then pun them
Boile them in sweete milke untill hitt with swines greace that is unsalted so
be thick on pappe: then ad shepe suett q s, that it bee one substance: and aplie
and aplie itt hott this warme: hit mitigateth payne &
for bruse or Sprayne rypeneth and clenseth ASpustumes &c
{6} ♃ groundes of Ale or Beare wheten Branne ffor the same
and chick weede chopt small boile them to {14} Boyle Beetes in water uery tender, then
a pultis And aplie it warm iij in xxiij hot [..] straine out the water: then chop your Beetes
ffor the Gowte & frie them with fresh butter. and aplie this
{7} Set sweete milke apon the fyer thicken hitt hott as may be suffred: morning & nighte
with the crumbes of grated white bredd & And when it is broken Boile new Beetes and
lett it boile: and being thick enough put in chop and them frie them as before. And in the
of oile of camomill one ounce and Safforne in pulder frying put in cumyne seede in pulder but
qs stir it well and aplie it uery warme straine it and anoint them with morning & Euening
ffor the same To Rypen Break and heale and
{8} ♃ milke one pound put thes in crumbes of white bredd put a way heate
grated one handfull boile it thicke: then stir in fouer {15} ♃ warmwod one half handful of otemeale groates one handful
yolke of Egge oile of Roses one ounce & Safronne in of good mylke a pynte chop your herbes and boyle
pulder [.. stir] it well and applie it warme till untill it be thick Enoughe: applie this hott
To take a way payne and chang itt twise a daie untill hit be broken.
{9} ♃ the crumbes of a white loafe hott out of the then aplie the plast ij or iij daies then laye
ouen: put it into mylke and let you drink the milk a way the plaister And take the yolk of An
and aplie hott. in punc furis Egg: and drop iiij dropps of oile from a [Euwes]
pointe into the yolke, and beate them to gether:
make cleane the sore with white wyne & with lynte
dresse the sore with your Egge yf it be hott mixe
the white of an Egg with the [joist of Singwen]
& wett a cloth ther in and lay all ouer it &c
N 22: I sett theese pu[..afes] together But I haue as many made in Bake as I the [.... ut] sequitur
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Pultessez {7}
To dissolue a hard Impostum ♃ wyne lees li iiij, mallowes, pietory, violet {17}
{16} ♃ Mallowes, violettes, and Holy hockes leaues, water cresses, herbe bennet, ana Mj {23}
ana M ij Boyle them in a pottee off Sower leavin a good quantitie, crumbes off
Spring water vntill they be tender Browne bredd : oyle, Swinesgreace, sheepe {20}
then take them oute and cut them & pun snot or Sum of them : Boile all to halfe : &
them small ; then sett them on the fier Spread itt on a lynen cloth big Enough, &
againe in the same water, and putte cast theron cumyne in pulder & aplie it
lyneseedes brused ℥ iiij Swynesgreace & hott once in 24 howers
fresh butter ana ℥ iij and boile it vntill ffor Swelling and ache {18}
it bee thicke and aplie it hott & hit will ♃ Paretory, wormwod, Smallage, ground small And {24}
dissolve or breake the ympustume thekinwoode : Boyle all in a lees of wyne
ffor an vncumbe, stich, And for or ale groundes : then [] put in crumbes
many other Evilles of white bredd, Boile it thick and aplie hit
{9} ♃ Brooke lyme, chekinweede : smalach hott.
{17} and Ground swill. ana stampe youre ffor ympostumation I I C 2
herbes being small cutt with sheepes ♃ Brooklyme lij mutton suett li j chop your
shuet or tallow and Suryue sg wace herbes small, then putt them with your suett &
ana : q.s. then stampe Commy ine to boile them vntill it be greene then ad off
fyne pulder and putte hitt and boile as of Sallet Oile and aqua vite ana cote. iiij or
well with lees of wyne & wheatenbran stir the liquor & bind the the herbes hott to
stirr it well and applie it hott. the place
ffor a stich or apostume ffor Swelling and a Bruse I I C 2
{18} ♃ the roote of holly hock washe hit ♃ the grounds of good ale, crummes of browne leuened {X} {26}
cleane then Seeth it in water then bredd boile them & stirr them well & let hit
a good quantitie untill it be tender be thick and applie itt hott :
{X} then take oute the roote and weigh hit ffor ache and Swellinge
and take duble the waight of rootes of ♃ Otemeale, boile itt in milke, ad thick {27}
of lyne Seedes and fenugreek brused sheepe suett shred small & the foyse off
and boile them in the water wherm Singreene boile it thick & aplie itt hott
the rootes weare boyled untill hit bee To asswage Swelling & take
thick and repinge and the water well A awaye Payne I I C I
wasted then stampe your roote small and ♃ mallowes M iiij violet leaues or flowers {28}
putte itt and Sum barlie meale & hogge M j fs chopp them small : then boile them in {X}
greace & stir it well and applie it hott the water wherm A pullet hath lem sodd
To kupen Breake and heale thick it vpp Barlye flower, then ad ij
{19} Set a pynt of Sweete milke apon the yolke of Egge mix all & aplie itt hott
fier and put therin sheepes suet shred ffor Inflammation and rednes
small and Otemeale in pulder and M j ♃ a pece of rien bred an yuce thick and {29}
or M ij Boyle and stir hitt vntill it be thick put it into a pott putte hitt ale : boyle
and applie itt hott : and when it is Broken itt and stir hitt vntill it be thick as past
spread Turpentyne apon a pece off spread itt on a wollen cloth applie hott and
shepes lether and lay theron & hit will bind it on faste :
draine it and heale itt. ffor all Swelling wheccsoew {30}
ffor Swelling and payne . II . I . I ♃ the rate of Brionie and willowe leaues
{14} ♃ apotte of springe water, Smallage and chop them small pim them ad diadlthea {X}
{20} mallowes ana M ij chopp your herbes Butter and Oile boile or frie them and
small & putt them into your water aplie it hott :
then put in Otemeale and lyneseed and Pultis Habilis p distractious uemorum
th M iij Brused vinegar a little Sweet ♃ folliorum mallue ℥ ij fariue frumenti q s vxiij {31}
milke from the cowe lesse then a pinte viiij alli . q.s. Bull of apone callida
sheepe suet li fs ʒ ij shred small : Boile ffor aking Soares
all vntill it be thick & aplie it hott. ♃ Crumbes of Soower wheaten bred grated
Swelling by a sprayne Boile them in white wyne vntill it be thick
{15} ♃ water cresses the greene bark of the lick a plaster stir it well and aplie itt hott {32}
{21} Ellcurne or hot leaues Herbe Bonnett. To ease payne in a strong Corosive
avens & Brook lyme ana chopp them small ♃ Camomull, mallowes, violet leaues, and {33}
and boile them in grounds of strong tee ground yiue ana M ss the toppes of seeded
and aplie itt hott : nettles anna M j shredd them small boile them
Sinues shrounk or cutt softe with hunye [] in water then putt A
{16} ♃ water cresses & cammmonull ana Mj grind waye the water and with hogges greace qs
{22} them small ad Hunny & wheten meale & boile them up & aplie it warme this wold
{X} & fue itt & aplie it hott Mr Cotte. be made as the thirde is made
ffor a hott solner legg x [i] ffor prick with a thirne ♃ Smallag chekenwede and {34}
ground swill and M j . as m pa : is 9 at this mark
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ffor Swelling in legge To Heale A Soore
and to ceasse the ache {42} ♃ mallowe leaues four handfuls Boile them in
{34} ♃ water cresses shred them very small & a pottle of Runing water to halfe then
put them into an Erthen pott and putte the put them in a Syve that the water
wyne or groundes of Ale wheaten bram and shepe may run from them then pun them
suett and boile them untill it be verye that it bee licke a Salue then putt them
{X}thicke, spreade it on a lynen cloth and in a pint of good vinegar with wheten
so hott as it may be suffred aplie hitt & Bran one handful and boyle all unto a Salue
let it lie xxiiij howers then dres it soo Spreade on a cloth that is iij or iiij oz
againe or [remane] it once in [toowe] dayes folde and applie it so hott as the pat
{35} ffor Sowlne legge can Suffer itt
♃ mallowes boile them in water vntill {ante} ffor fester stich in the side boilinge
they be very tender, then stamp them [vucombe] & other Euils
small then put them into milke and ad ♃ Brooke lyme, Cheken weede, smallage
crumbes of browne bredd & boile & stir and ground small, anna chop them smale
all untill it be very thicke apon a softe then stampe them with clarefied sheep suet
fire: Spreade it on a wollen cloth and [...] as the 17 pultes
aplie itt hott as may be suffred and bind ffor Sswelling in legge womens
it faste on : [Hal] his ij pultesses 24 25 [fine] breste or else wheare
ffor the same and to rypen {43}♃ of the dreges of Ale one pound of sheep suet four ounces
{36}♃ fflax Seedes in poulder two handfuls or more cut small: set them ouer the fier untill
boile it in a pint of milke untill it be as the Suet bee melted: then put in drie Rose
thick as pappe: then put ther in vinegar leaues two handfuls stir them well together And
a pinte and boile it unto a Salue: spreade when they haue boiled a while put in of
it halfe an inche thicke and applie hott as white wyne half a pound and let them boyle a
may be suffred little then put in Crumbes of wheten
Mrs vermar for A Sore Brestes bred qs to make it thick & when it ys
{37}♃ Sage, Cammomill, wormwod, chiken weed well boyled and stirred: spread it on a linen
Ballme and one handful : lyne seedes four ounces pun your cloth sumwhat thicke and aplie it hott &c
Seedes chop your herbes small & boile all in for lack of wyne take vinegar.
a quarte of milke and in the [sethinge] putt ffor swelling of legges &c
in fresh butter half a pound and when it is thicke {44}♃ Otemeale Smallage mallows ground
enoughe lay it on hott as may be Suffredd Swill and ground [yvie] & maidone herb
once in xxiiij howers: bermet: chop them and boile them in shepe
And when it is Broken and the suett and aplie at hott &c
{38} pultes hath drawne hitt To helye a stiche
♃ valeryan, Selfe heale, rosemary, laven {45}♃ maiden worte, grownd [yvie] one handful cumnin
der Ellane Leaves, anna one handful lyne seedes four ounces Seede qs crumbes of browne bred qs pun
{X} pun your lyne seedes small, chop your herbes small them in a morter: then set them ouer the
and boile all in a quarte of good milke and fyer with vinigar half a pound and boyle them thicke
putte fresh butter half a pound rasine in pulder wax then aplie ^it on a cloth thick & hott. And to
anna four ounces. Boile ^it thick: then stir in ij yolkes haue this in winter pun maiden worte &
of Egge and applie it warme make it in bals and let them drie of them
To Rypen Breake and alay heate selues and they will Sarue well
{39}♃ wormwod one half handful Otemeale groates one handful ffor Synues shrunk or stiff
good milke a pinte: boile all thick stauding {46} ♃ water cresses and camomill anna one handful
and aplie itt hott twise or thrice in a daye cut them small, then frie them with huny
untill it break: then and wheaten meale and aplie it hott twise
{ante} ♃ the yolks of An Eggetemp it with iiij or in a daye:
droppes of Oile and beate them to gether ffor Swellinge and Ache
very well: washe the Soore with white {47}♃ Daneworte, ffenell, wormwod and the
wyne and dresse the sore with luge linte little mallowe anna one handful shred them & stampe
and your Egge morning and Euening: yf it them small then putoe shepe suet shredd
be hott: beate the white of the Egg with small: and sum Crumbes of levened
[S..greene] and wet therm a cloth and lay bredd Boile all a little and hott aplie hitt
all ouer to coole the Heate: ffor Swelling of legges
Hall his strong pultes {48} ♃ water Cresses shred them small put them
{39} ♃ Grounds of strong drinke Beauefloure {ante} into a cleane Erthen pott put to them grouds
Rie floure, and Crumbes of levened bredd of Ale or lees of wyne wheten bran and
{X} and boile it unto a pultes & lye itt hott sheepe suet boile it thick & Spread it and
his weke pultes a cloth bigg enoughe and all hott couer the
{41} ♃ milke Ground [swill] sheep suett and Swelling and let it lie xxiiij howers
{[mor] pultes} greate Otemeale Brused and aplied and then chauge hitt
{ses: 37} warme
{X} ffor Breste that Rancle or Runn or bee Soare ♃ All earia Bruse itt and put it into the hooles if it bee broken: if nott Broken Spitt on the leaues and lay on the brest and dresse it twise a day: this herbe is cauled yen in the hedge, Sause {X} alone &c and smels licke garlicke and growes in enny hedge: sum make greene sauce with hitt it clenseth dead fleashe


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