MS 244: Dineley/Dyneley (or Dingley/Dyngley), Henry (& others)

Collection of medical receipts in English, with a few in Latin. Preceded by a Calendar, etc., and at the end part of an Armorial by an earlier hand. With additions to the Receipts by later hands. Written mainly in double column: the Calendar in red and black, and the Armorial partly emblazoned, with many blank or incomplete shields. There are numerous small pen-drawings of medical apparatus, etc.: Prelim. leaf 1v 'A trewe Est and Weste erecte dial'. 4v Shield with arms of Dineley, and date 1613. 14v Small sketch of parts of a fishing rod of the Author's invention. 15v 'A pype to heale thrustes of my owne invention'. Page 26 A surgical 'Tente'. There is a similar drawing on p. 29. 67 Surgical needle and thread. 68 Use of above in a leg wound. 71 Drawing of a 'pype' similar to that noted above. 79 Box for a lead plaster, and a mortar. 170 Drawing of a truss, and of a male figure wearing it. 283 A 'pype' to fumigate the ears. 311 Circular diagram connected with the making of 'aqua mirabilis'. 337 Leg showing bandage for a fractured tibia. The Calendar shows that the writer was a Roman Catholic, and this section is compiled by the earlier hand, as are all the preliminary leaves and the Armorial. The signature of 'Henry Dingley' appears on the verso of the first prelim. leaf. On the mutilated leaf mentioned above, is a note of weights and measures 'Wrytten this V day of Auguste anno christiano 1564'. The text ends 'Wheresoever ye see this carecter HD stand in the margent of this my boke agaynst any medycine, oyle, oyntment...within this boke that have I Henry dineley prouyd withowte dowte and no other have I myself prouyd'. The first two leaves beginning at the other end of the volume also contain inscriptions. On the verso of the first is a note beginning 'The yeare of oure lorde god 1564: was the coldest sprynge and the wyndyst that ever I h:d: dyd see.... This is followed by astrological predictions for the year. It ends with two lines in Italic hand signed Henry Dingley: 'Anno Domini 1592 Died all the Baye trees in Englande above ground but reuiued at the Rootes for the most parte whereof I had twooe in my gardeyn'. Below in a different script 'Anno Domini 1598 no fructe, Apples nor peares'. The end of this note has been obliterated in ink, but it is possibly also signed 'Henry Dingley'. At the head of the second leaf is an inscription in the older hand, 'Liber henrici Dineley. ex dono ffrancisci Dineley armigeri. Anno 1591 3 decembris'. This is repeated above the signature 'Frauncis Dyneley 1592'. Among scribbled Latin and French below those inscriptions is 'henry Dyneley of hanley chastell oweth this Booke. Per me Henry Dyneley'. In the text is a reference on p. 335 to 'my father anno 1548' and on p. 339 to 'my grandfather, my father and myself at Tewkesbury'. Many of the additions by a later hand bear the name of Dr. [John] Sadler [1615-1664]. The latest date in the text is 1633.


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Out of Leonard Pirouaut

Petra Philosophale: Phiorauant ffurth a Blackishe oile, then chang the [.ce.],
against all diseases and putto an other, and increase the fier untill
♃ Sall mter, [Roch] allom, vitriall Romame anna all the spirites be cum furth, then seperate the oile
{X} two pounds: first dry the vitriall in an erthen panne from the water, and kepe it by them selues,
then beate it to pulder and mixe it with the other and so do with the firste water. the white
thinge then putte Sall geme four ounces then put all water is cauled. aqua del Balsame. the [...]
in a gourd with head & receuer well luted, & [ma] seperated ffrom that is cauled olsum del Balsame
[doynd]furnace destill itt with wod fier; little at the Black is cauled water Balsamj, and the
first and encrease itt acording to arte; & kepe oile seperated from itt is Balsamo actifiato
wett clothes apon the head & receauer, bycause white keepe as a precious juell.
the spirites shall nott flye awaie: the receauer The uertues
will wax red licke blude: and after turne white The first water clereth the Eies, maketh the
and when you geaue itt strong fier it will turn face faier, preserueth youth, Breaketh the
red againe: and lastolie it will turne white again stoone in the reymes, prouoketh uryne
and then it is ended kepe this close stopte in glas being stopt by carnositie, it heleth all wounds
to make the petca philoss yf you wash them with the said water, and lay
♃ mercurie one pound quick lyme six ounces common on clothes wet in the same: it auaileth
ashes three ounces mix then to gether in a morter of much against the [Etify], all catares and
stoone: put them in a retorte: & destill it with a coughe: washe the [oratica] therwith and lay
strong fier untill all the mercury bee cum into wet clothes theron, taketh away the pane
the receauer: then take it furth and kepe it in presently
a glas to make the composition The other water cauled water
♃ the water that was first made & Balsamj helpeth scabbes being washe
putt it in a gourd of glasse well luted then put therwith, and the white scale, lepra, []
in the mercurie that was destilled: then take steele all sorte of ulcers that are not [corosine]
in thin plates one ounce yorne in thin plates two ounces gold leaues and many other thinge
two grams put them all to gether in the geas: and presently The oile of Balsame serueth for an
sett on the head and [receier], & set the glas: and presently infinite number of thinge, Especially wormes
sett on the head and receuer, & set the glas into the in the heade, it preserueth the face, and it ys
furnace. geue it fier untill all the water be cum most [epelent] against the plurisie, geuing
furth with the fume: let it coole and kepe itt close one gram at a tyme with water of Baume Balme
Breake the glas and in the botton is the petra phi: The Balme Artificiall two grams taken
Grind it finely serse itt, then wash itt helpeth the stich presentlie, the cough, catarr
with distilled veinger & drie itt againe then washe coldness in the head, & stomake, & wounds
itt with rose water, and drie it very well, still stirr in the heade. Anoint the head therwith
it ouer the fier: then kepe it in a glas once in a daye it preceth [] the broiyne
The water that was destilled from and the stomake & it is a Soueraigne []
the stoone, will serue for the same purpose hit resolueth the quasten anointing the pac
againe: But you must take but halfe the quan therwith hit is good for all diseases hot or
titie of the foresaid matters: colde &c
when the water is againe destilled Aromatico Phiroauanti
kepe it close for infynite purposes against all disseases
yt clenseth the Stomake ♃ fine sugar four ounces, [pure] perles, muske, aloes
Saffron, lignum aloes Synamon ana one scruple of
petra philosophie four drams mix them to gether
and with Rose water make therof lozenges
s. a. with kepe in a box of wod cloose shutte
geue one dram or two drams in Broth wyne or
Phyorouante Balme water, or mixed with any pills or potion it
[ueinte trpentyne] one handful, perfect oile of Bayes evacuateth the stomake [upwardes & when]
four ounces galbanum three ounces gum Arobie four ounces olibamum & doth helpe all crude infirmities: if you do
mirrhe electe, gum hedere ana three ounces, ligum geue it in a potion leaue non in the bottom
aloes, gallingale, cloues, cansollida minore and let the pa crude water so much as he
cinamon, Nutmege, zedoari, gingum, diptamus will: but let him eate little that daye
album ana one ounce muske, amber greece ana one dram Electuario Angelico phioraute
Beats all into pulder, & put them in a [Ref...] ♃ Safron, ligum al[..], Synamon, red corall
of glas well luted: then put therto, aqua ana three drams Heleboris niger, without perpacoum
uite rectified without [flegnie] six handfuls & so lett two ounces Electuarmus des[ucco] Rosarum [mesud,] that
it stand viij daies: then destill itt by [saude] is not to much boiled six ounces Sugar Rosa[..]
& ther well furth white water mixed with eight ounces muske one dram Petraphilosophale three ounces of
oyle: kepe the fier small vntill ther cum oum quinte [sfeuce of wyne two ounces Purefride honey]
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Hunny as will suffice to mak it into then itt is made. kepe itt in glas close stopte
an Electuarye, mix them on a small fier in a temperate place take it warme the doz
in an Erthen panne, and when it is made, is from ℥ ij to ℥ iiij and it is a most safe
kepe it in a glasse close stopte medicyne to be vsed with dyett
mix this Electuary with any solluble medcine hit helpeth pellaria Scabes
and geve it fasting ʒ ij or ʒ iiij : and this dash hemoroydes & such licke & may be goud
in a manner revyves one dead to a woman with childe without danger.
that is good against fevers geven p Oleu philosofopy of wax & hepe [ha]
minorasiuo: the stich in the side eget ♃ cleane newe yealowe wax ℥ xij cleare
for it taketh away the viscositie of the stomak turgentyue ℥ xi iij Bengenyne, ℥ ij wchifus
and openeth the peows : & is good against aqua vite ℥ xxx common ashes ℥ vj mix them
the goute being taken every third daye and and out them in a whorte wele litted and
in 10 dayes it helpeth: the tonges. & Catar destill them in a wynde furnace untill all
[the] nulte, the pox, the pining goute it is lecu furth : in the receava thow shalle
also good for finde thule thinges : wale, oyle & flegme
Sirupo Solutiuo Sepate one from the otheres kepe them close
♃ Sage, Rue, Rosemary, wormwodde stopte in glasse
cicory, Carduus Sanctus, nettles, organy oluointe a wounds iij or v tymes with this
and M j : figge, resinges, dates, sweete oile : he that can not make water goud [hun]
almonds Salt gomme and ℥ iiij colloquintide 9 ij of this oile : it is good against the stiche,
dloos hepatcha Smamo, Mirabolan citrui the plewrisie, wormes, cough, catar , the
ana ℥ ij common hunny li y stampe all pestelent fever, if you drink a little thess
grasah 10 infuse them in foure watch i8 and it hath many other vertues qd quite
them boile it to the halfe frame hitt,
distill it by a filter : aromatiz itt with musk
and rose water : kepe it in glas close, &
the doz is from ℥iiij to ℥iv
In winter take it very warm
in spring & Autume but warme in the
Summer colde :
This purgeth grosse humoers and
doth not hurt the stomak
geve it in a fever iiij or v daies
together in cridite of humoers the pox
goute cataers and such like : it may be An excelent way to make
any hurt : it is good against the tonge ♃ Salte peter one pound of Puer fine white
the flux of uryne : paines in the heade Salte two pounds grind them both to gether
of the yearde : the hemoroides, with many marielouse fine: and of thees Saltes
other thinges to long to wryte therfor so ground and mixed take a pounde
geve this without feare of good vitriall well Burnte & Redde
Sirupo magistrate phirouant in fine pulder a pounde: of fine mercurie
♃ the leaves of Seene ℥ ij fumatory & thrise strained through sheepes lether
mayden heare, hearte tonge, lynwrte A pounde mixe them put them in A
opithimu clemo, polipodud of the pak the long glas well luted: the mouth stopte
flowers of Borage, & of Buglosse, licorishe with a coffin of paper that the fume may
ana ℥ iij coloquintida, plovor 9 mg, dloed assend in a ffurnis [se Sublimum] this is
epatticam mirabolam indi ana ℥ j prunes Soo cleare as [c.rffall vnt pa 101]
xiiij, Sebesten x ij tamaryh ℥ ij stampe it will [unsublime] vnder too fiers
all grostlie and infuse them in li x of the
water of fumatorye : Boile all to the con
sumption of a third parte, & then straine
itt : put onto the Arayned liquor of the
Surope of stirades v j Safron ℈ j mell
Rosary ℥ vj Rectefied aquavite ℥ iiij
musk ʒ j the inscilage of ma[sh] mallus
℥ iiij Betnzoin ℥ j rose water ℥ iij : and
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FLalchmy Anselm of Bolus

Preparatio Lapidis Lazuli Tinctura Corralli
Reduratur lapis in frustra magnitudine anelane,
que avkue aqua tepida, ac tigillo mipone, igin com
nitte ut excaude scant, ac singulais perticulas stor
sim exemptas extinque in aceto albo optime, auc
castillato per filtrum. idque opiis repete aliqueties, quo
sepins eo niclus: aliqui sephes repetunt calrmata
frustra contunde in mortario endo ophmeonluse,
demde per interniculum occlusu traij ce: pulumein di
ligonter serua: Et ablue sic
♃ Aque fontane one and a half pounds huic adde tantum mecllis quat[.]
Lotio lapidis pulumizat
Tinctura facultas
Lixinij dulcis & fortis perparatio
Ad malancholiam & tynipanitidem
Delapide Armeno
Ad alnum monendum
Liquor corallorum ad onines predictes effecto
Pillule de lapide armenio predict
pulius de lapide Armenio
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Tinctura Coralloy cum Spiritu quercmo

Decrescente Luna, triibus primis diebus ante Solus ortum, dum luna vagatur in signo terresoi alliquot ramos diuputa, quos per ketorta satis minnutim prig scissos, distilla lents .gn.phlegm guod primo prod it abyce, and [se wam], smiut [.....] he velis, poteris balude phlegma seiungere A Spiritn & oleo. Corallos in puludreium

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