MS 244: Dineley/Dyneley (or Dingley/Dyngley), Henry (& others)

Collection of medical receipts in English, with a few in Latin. Preceded by a Calendar, etc., and at the end part of an Armorial by an earlier hand. With additions to the Receipts by later hands. Written mainly in double column: the Calendar in red and black, and the Armorial partly emblazoned, with many blank or incomplete shields. There are numerous small pen-drawings of medical apparatus, etc.: Prelim. leaf 1v 'A trewe Est and Weste erecte dial'. 4v Shield with arms of Dineley, and date 1613. 14v Small sketch of parts of a fishing rod of the Author's invention. 15v 'A pype to heale thrustes of my owne invention'. Page 26 A surgical 'Tente'. There is a similar drawing on p. 29. 67 Surgical needle and thread. 68 Use of above in a leg wound. 71 Drawing of a 'pype' similar to that noted above. 79 Box for a lead plaster, and a mortar. 170 Drawing of a truss, and of a male figure wearing it. 283 A 'pype' to fumigate the ears. 311 Circular diagram connected with the making of 'aqua mirabilis'. 337 Leg showing bandage for a fractured tibia. The Calendar shows that the writer was a Roman Catholic, and this section is compiled by the earlier hand, as are all the preliminary leaves and the Armorial. The signature of 'Henry Dingley' appears on the verso of the first prelim. leaf. On the mutilated leaf mentioned above, is a note of weights and measures 'Wrytten this V day of Auguste anno christiano 1564'. The text ends 'Wheresoever ye see this carecter HD stand in the margent of this my boke agaynst any medycine, oyle, oyntment...within this boke that have I Henry dineley prouyd withowte dowte and no other have I myself prouyd'. The first two leaves beginning at the other end of the volume also contain inscriptions. On the verso of the first is a note beginning 'The yeare of oure lorde god 1564: was the coldest sprynge and the wyndyst that ever I h:d: dyd see.... This is followed by astrological predictions for the year. It ends with two lines in Italic hand signed Henry Dingley: 'Anno Domini 1592 Died all the Baye trees in Englande above ground but reuiued at the Rootes for the most parte whereof I had twooe in my gardeyn'. Below in a different script 'Anno Domini 1598 no fructe, Apples nor peares'. The end of this note has been obliterated in ink, but it is possibly also signed 'Henry Dingley'. At the head of the second leaf is an inscription in the older hand, 'Liber henrici Dineley. ex dono ffrancisci Dineley armigeri. Anno 1591 3 decembris'. This is repeated above the signature 'Frauncis Dyneley 1592'. Among scribbled Latin and French below those inscriptions is 'henry Dyneley of hanley chastell oweth this Booke. Per me Henry Dyneley'. In the text is a reference on p. 335 to 'my father anno 1548' and on p. 339 to 'my grandfather, my father and myself at Tewkesbury'. Many of the additions by a later hand bear the name of Dr. [John] Sadler [1615-1664]. The latest date in the text is 1633.


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Defensives Defensives {3}
A good defensyue That the take no colde
4 Bole armonack, whit wax, oile matter
of Roses venigar mix them in a 4 wormewod. Squinantum
morter with a hott pestell Southernewod, Spicknarde
Defensuum ₵ ₵ masticke ; or so many of them
4 Boli, terra Sigillata ana ℥ ij as you will putt them into a
sang draco, ℥ j farine volotiles close pott with oile of Roses then
uell fabarum ℥ ss ol Rosarum, aceti ; set the pott being close stoped
Succus Semperuiuj ana q.s ss vnguent into a vessell of Seethinge
Trapharmacon Defenss ₵ ₵ water and let hit boile well
4 lithergirii auri pull ℥ iiij aceti Or mak the thinge into
aptime ℥ iij contundautur simul pulder and mix with the oile
horam .j. tunc adde olei Rosarum for oile of Roses heateth the member
℥ iiij contunde doner de allescant accoled and cooleth the member
et valde intumescant Refrigerat heated
et defendatt defensum
vnto this ointment add 4 Oile of roses ℥ ij Bole, terra
Antimonij, exum usti ; Balustiarum Sigillata, vinegar ana ℥ j camphur
Carthanij, verminus terrest, gallarum ʒ j the joist of Singreene and of
sang dracm alluminis, climei ar= pettite morrell q s ss vnguent in mort
genti ana terantur crib. & quantus defensum
est sexta pars vnguenti, cum vnguento 4 Petite morrells Barlie mele
in mortario bene incorpore utur the joist of planten vinegar a
donec ptime vniantur. tunc littell braie them well and laie
axsiccatt et abstergit vlcera that plaster wies aboue and beneth
virulentia yf there be much moisture
Defensuum ₵ ₵ 4 well Rosarum
4 white lead in fine pulder and
sersed ℥ j oile or creame and the
joist of Singreene q.s. ss vnguent ℥ vj Barlie meale
Bicasue the Savor of oile ℥ ij set theese on the fier butt do
of creyme is nott good you may not burne them putte cleare
take oile of violette or Roses this Turpentine washed in the water
is Repercussive and Defensive. of stipericon ℥ iij mix them and
Mr Boleyne his Defensive laie them about the place three
4 red or white lead in pulder put it fingars
into a lead morter ad oile of Roses Defensuum ₵ ₵
qs ss vnguent ₵ ₵ in a Bras morter ₵ Boile Brooke lyme in runninge
Defensiuum water And lay apon the plaster
4 Ceruse in pulder li iiij of oile li 4 or make a garter of hitt
put them into an erthen pott and Ne humores fluant ad
stirre them well then sett them on Locum
the fier and stirr them for burn 4 ol Rose li j cere albe ℥ iij ceruse
inge. and when hit doth begin ℥ ij litherg ℥ iij ss tutie preparat
to be thicke add to Lynseedes. ʒ j ss miiij ℥ iij sang drac ℥ ss liqss
Psilij. Red Althee, Henbane sede ceram oleo, cuiaddatur ceruse
ana ℥ j all in fine pulder. And pul. semper agitando, in fine porat
to theese iiij thinge putt white sang drac & non coqintur, vltimo
wyne li ss. warme them and lett adde tutie et agitetur as infrigida
them stand iiij howers, then strain tionem si placet adde camphora
them & put the strained to the oyle part in estuio si mai & stipticum halere
and boile all to a plaster but let cupias pijticatus super aquam fri
it not bee black in any wies. then gidam plant & Rosarum. malaxa
make it in rols and laie to the & ss magdeleones. or make a Sere
place aboue & beneath. cloth & roule the legge in hitt
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{4} Defensiues

defensiuum Repercussiuum
4 olei Rasarum ol. mirtilorum ana ℥ iiij 4 olei rosarum ℥ ij Boli ʒ vi terra Sigillata ʒ ij
Succorum plantaginis et Semperui iij Camphora ℈ ij duc Barbe joius & solatri
ana ℥ ij, abum onorum N. ve, Bole terra ana ʒ j misc exj
Sigillata, subtiliss trit ana ℥ j oxi = repercussiue
crati .q.s. ss vnguentum 4 Olie rosarum ℥ ij Boli ℥ ss aceti ℥ ss terra
defensiuum Sigillat ʒ ij ss vnguent
4 Bole, terra sigillata ana ℥ j aceti repercussiuum
qs. misc 4 Succum vmbellici veneris lactuce
defensiuum ad sangis fluxum papauerus Solaiij Hiosciamiij ana ʒ ij
4 olei Rosarum li j ss cere Boli armum ana Ollei rosarum ℥ j aceti ℥ ss ss vnguent
℥ iiij ss sang draconis ℥ j ss cere cum Alliter
oleo liquefar sub fine addend aceti 4 Succum Orpin purslan Singreene
fortiss ℥ ij Brookelyme ana ʒ iij ol ros ℥ j aceti ℥ ss
defensiuum ss vnguent
4 Boli Armum, terra Sigillat, sang dra defensiuum magistrate
ana ℥ ss olei Rosati qs aceti parum 4 Boli Armum, Sangis draconis, terra
defensiuum Exmpli Sigillat ana ℥ j olej rosarum ℥ vj cere
4 Boli, cere abe, olei rosarum, aceti mixe albe ℥ j ss aceti ℥ iiij Boile the wax
them in a morter with a hott pestle ss oile and venigar to gether vntill
defensiuum the vinegar be consumed (with you
4 Putamimium onorum vstorum testarum co= may knowe by dropping it apon a
clee vst ana ℥ x lapidis hematit ℥ j ss Boli burning coale) then let it coole
℥ iij terre Sigillate ℥ ij ss pulum ana accu and stirre in the pulder by little and
tragagantha qs in aqua rosarum disstillut little : then poure all into a morter
conistis in forma pulimti applic peracel ss & with a warme pestell beate it
₵ ₵ Refrigerattm Defensiuum well : This will coole & defende
4 the destilled water of the Spaune Defensiuum Len. Phirouants
of ffroggs : wett clouts therin dubble & 4 perfect aqua vite of good wyne qs. put ther
applie to defend and coole exlent in hipericon, millefolia, vititellie, Brioma off
₵ ₵ keepe the drosse or blacke fecs Bytony ana : put all in a glas stopp it close let it
that remaineth in the Bottom of the still stand in the sun certeyne daies : wet a clothe
to stopp bludd with all : the pulder put therin & laie round about the wounde : exelt
in or tempered with white of an egge His secret pulder Leon phirouant
A defensiue for fractures 4 hipericon flower and leaues, millefole and viti
4 Bole Armoum rye flower, whites of egge cella, ana ss pul. strow it apon & aboute wonds
and Oile of roses and before you laie hitt when it is drest it defendeth [from] attidente
on rub the place with cerotum galleiij, oile of A white Oyntement defensiue
roses or such licke 4 white lead, litherge of lead infiuest pulder ana ℥ j
defensyue in A colde cause white venigar : axuugie parci ana ℥ ij or sallett
Spreade tacamahacha apon clothe lether oile, or oile of Roses, & vinegar ss vnguent in mortaris
and laye for a defensyve itt will this is good in heate & rednes you or oile & axungid ana
stick so fasr that it will not of vntill Good Defensyues are
it hath wroughte his full operation Oyles of frankencens, turpentyne, wax
Spreade the gumme Caranna apon aqua uite
Silk, lynen or lether and lay for A
defensyue full stoppinge in A colde Ad Humorum fluiones sistendum
cause : but neither of theesein hete 4 Putaminum onorum ustorum : testarum cochlea
ustarum ana ℥ x : stematitus lap. ℥ j ss : Bolj
drnieiij ℥ iij : terre sigillat ℥ ij ss : pulutizentur
ac cum traga cante in Rosatea dissoluto cum
misce autur in farma pulticule & cum fascijs
in hec inductis fiat ligatiora ab inseig suesum
I fac.
A purge 4 fresh greene mallow leaues pun them
with fresh Butter very small Boile them well and
straine itt kepe it in a gally pott it lasteth ij yeares
applie it on the navill in a nut shell
4 a greate sauserfull of huny Butter
not halfe so muche Boyl salt M ss Boile
all vntill it may be rolled & make suppo=
sitores therof
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Purgations Purgations {5}
To purge choler Dillule sine q'bz ffor flegme An Exelent purg
♃ cassiae nouiter ʒ j post cenam ♃ turbith electi ♃ zene ℥ ij
extract purgeth malencoli, ℥ j agarick ʒ ij
electuarium lene choller, flegme et Zinzib electi ℥ ss ainsi contusi
tuum ana ʒ v valet ad catarrum et Zuccarie ℥ j ss Liquerish peled and
Zuc q s misc obscuritate occulorum pulumiz entur & slised
alliter visum custodiens et optime misc slieuch Barlie
♃ Electuarium aurium dolorem tollit doz. ℥ ss cum vino uel brused aum ℥ j
de Succo Rosarum et Sanatt potu callido etedn= Spice nee ʒ ij
dia prunis Laxat Pille chochie ʒ j cit flegmam grassum organy cut small
ana ʒ iij purgat caputt yf .ʒ. ss diagridij bee us j
insceantius et putte it hit will bee Resinge of the sun
Take theese in posset Pille aurie ʒ j of the more force. Peindes ana ℥ j ss
ale of ale purgat caput ffor wormes maidenhere parum
To purge malencoly Take all theese pills a purge Sugar ℥ ij
♃ Elect nidi ʒ i ss after supper or in the ♃ turbith Boile all in a pottle
confect hamech ʒ iij morning aboute thre diagridij of Ale or Beare to
Zu q.s. iii ss of the clocke and sleepe Hermodactilorum aum ℈ ss the halfe then strain
alliter apon them and to one ainsi mundi et drinke of hitt
♃ Diasent lenetuum that is strong you may Rabarb aum ℈ j when you go to bed
confect hanech ana ℥ ss geeve. ʒ j ss. Zuccar ad pondus & in the morninge
misc geue these wrapp them in the omnium fs pulius eate brothe warm
in posset ale of gotes papp of an apple or doz ℈ j or ℈ ij cum ffor one draft and
milk put them in an egge vino callido no more take halfe
To purge flegme that is poched reare for the head the thinge & boile it
♃ Diafenicon ℥ ss and swallow them & 4 pulius sene pepar as before to one good
pull thera simpl ʒ ss drinke lustilie after ata ℈ j aute cenam drafte
Zuc .q.s. misc them purgat caput mi= A strong Purg
alliter or gild them & set them rabiliter ♃ Diasenicon ʒ ij
♃ Diafenicon ʒ v by you and take them A purging consue Diacatholiconis ʒ vj
diacastholicon ʒ ij in the nighte for ♃ tubith electi misc gev it in warm
misceantue geue they are excedinge diagridij ana ʒ iij broth or posset ale
theese in posset drink bitter & work eselie. cinamonij ʒ j To purg with the
made with white win for fatt men: Zinziberis rote Mecoacon
Geue theese in the An exelent pulder gariophilorum ♃ iij s waight of the
morninge. sleepe to clense the head rad Ireos flor aum ʒ ij rote in pulder for a
nott : kepe the chamber and stomack con sua Rosarum ℥ ij childe. ixd waighte
and when on hower ♃ turbith electi ʒ j zuccar alb li j for a woman x v &
after take warme pul folliorum sene ʒ ij dissolu zuccar for a man. steepe it
thin brothoe & kepe you hermodactilorum ℈ ij in aqua re rub q s & in a draft of Secke
warme se anise ss Electi exelens all night. drink it
Theese be fitt to be se niculi doz. ʒ ij or ʒ iij in the morninge &
geven in cases off cumim Pulius sollubilis sleepe on it if you
repercussion. Zinziberis aum ℈ ss ♃ zene ʒ v can for then hit doth
yff on be exceding tartari albj ℈ v agarick troch ʒ j worke the better &
costiue mace ʒ ss fs pule Rabarb electi ʒ j ss fast after hitt so long
♃ So much quicksilver et in sceantur Zinziberis as you will for when
as a farthinge temper doz ʒ j uel ʒ ij cinamonij you eate hit dothe
it with terpentine & cum ℥ ij aque zuc mics mustate aum ℥ ss leaue workinge
spreade it on lether carie uel brodie contundantur et ʒ ss pueris ʒ j Jivienilz
and laie it on the uell vino callido misc se pul non ad & adolescentiz, ʒ ij vial
navull. yf on hee potest accipe ʒ ss modum temus et mulierlz
will go to stole it will aute cenand et valet {Th} Purg lozenge pituitam presertim et
be within on hower multum per pingiulz ♃ Sene ℥ j aquas edutit; itterum
vse this in cases of and I haue geven ainsi ʒ ij diagrid ʒ j cephaleam, strumas, &
extremytie. and on ʒ j ss. for a good doz. Zinzib electi ʒ j epilptiam curat ueteres
may geue ℈ j in ward Pille communes zucc ℥ vj aque Rosarum defluxiones sistit, coli
lie vide wormes. ʒ j ss or ʒj & q.s. pul. pulu ss lozeng articulorum, & renum dolontiz
geue these before utilis est, et vteri dolos
supper they are astriati, tussi ueteri, se
good for the stom bribij & lue uenerea
ak & worke slowlie uexatis. monardij pa. bg.
ffor the most part I did
geeue non but theese
To cleanse the stomacke of fatt men & help panie 234.c.2: Infuse good mustard seed in good vinegar make it thin & drinke fasting it is exelent

Pul: Mechoacan Composs ♃ Rad: Mecho: ℥ jss ℈ ij matis, Canopillorum, piparis, Zinzeb, Canamoni, nuris, muscst, Cardamo: ana ℈ ss Rad Enuli, pimpinell ana ℈ s Diagred ʒ ij turbith saccari Candi ana ʒ j dos. from ℈ ij to ʒi /

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Burcott for all diseases Suppositories
♃ Anysedes, Coryander seedes,
brused ana coc[l]. i liquershe on stick
brused polipody ij Roote, scraped and
brused, of the Roote of Enula campane
so much as ij filberde brused, Sea
holme as much & of galengale brused
of springe water [in] Summer two pounds in
Summer: in winter ij [..tes] wyne and
one water: in the fall halfe wyne
of Sene one handful, small kepinge coc. j of
greate kepinge as manye, One da[i]e
In June Julye and august, put in off
violet leaues, sorrell, persaliey, borag
Bytanye, peny kiall and winter Mar
girom: in the fall mynte and hissop
steepe it x or xij howers: then boile
halfe an hower: then let it Runne
through a cloth gentlie: & drinke
therof morning & euening [luewatue]
three daies to gether
kepe the dregge & let them
Drie & Boile them for a preparatyue
for a resonable bodye
[Lyowe] it wayeth
se anifi, coriandri ana six drams liquer two drams
polipodij two drams Enule. Eringij galeng ana
two drams zene one ounce passular solls & corinthir
ana half an ounce Dactilorum [Nj]
Master Blurte Sirop
♃ the foist of the leaues of hoppes
li ij clarefie itt with whites of Egges
then let it stand and coole a little
then let the thin Run through a cloth
& putte Sugar li j in pulder vinegar
halfe a Sawserfull: Boile it vnto
a sirrope & take of the Skim as it
doth Arise: ♃ ij sponefuls in the
morning fasting with white wyne
for the yealow faudies clensinge
the blind, paine in the syde, dropsie
stone, flegme in the Stomake, the
Stoppinge of the Spleene [..]:
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