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{78} Affectus Afflictio
to hash a calve head 172 for the Dropsy 350
to make oring cakes ibid a dyett Drink 364
for a convulsion 334 a defensive plaster 366
Docter Speeds for a safe Deleverance 076
a purging cordiall 356 a drying water for a sore 086
for convulsions 362 a restoring Drink 400
for convulsions ibid the bite of a mad Dog to cure 100
for convulsions 364 the mange in Dogs 049
for a consumption 368 Deceases in cattel
for a consumption 377 the Bite of a mad Dog or
Cesars any pestilentill Desease 073
a drink for a consumption 400
cuchanel water 412
cowslip wine 196
for a cough 053
for the Coleol cholick 071
for a colde 078
for convoltion fits 102
Cowslep wine 196
for any sweeling in cattel 252
for a cow that is weake with calving
or that cannot Clean 252
cocolate puffs 200 corns to cure 069
for the colick 055
for a cough 122
for a cough ibid
for a cough 150
for a consumption 206
an Excelant cordiall 128
a good cake 216
a seed cake 218
Srewsbry cakes 218
for a comption a cake 226
consumption 144

Agri?ullura Alacritas
the Etalion water 175 to make a fricasy of Mutton 173
for the Eies 334 to make French bread ibid
for the Eies or any sore ibid a couleing drink for
for the Eies 350 a Feaver 084
for the Eyes 351 a drink for a Feaver 412
for the Eyes ibid for the falling sickness 076
for the Eies 352 for a Feaver 084
for the Eies ibid for a Feaver 102
for the rueme in Eies 359 for all sorts of Fits 064
for the pearls or rueme in Eies ibid for Fits 162
for sore Eies 378
for an impostum in the Eare 386
an oyntment for the Eyes 390
the Evill 403
the Evill 404
the Evill 410
for Peserve the Eyes 35
Elder wine 196
an Electuary for the stomack & Shortness of breath 067
to make Elder Wine 106
to make Elder Wine 196
an Eie Salve 110
An Eye Water 132
An Eye Water 110
A Poltice for sore Eyes 132
The Elder Balsom 154

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