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To make puff paste:

Take to every quart of fine flower 4 whtes
of eggs to make a makefine lite past then
take roul out your paste pretty yin yn take a
a pound of fresh butter & beate it yn take some
of your butter & spred halfe over your paste yn
double your paste & roll it out againe & so serve
it nine or tenn times till you have work in all
yoor butter yn it is fitt for use:

To callE a Breast of Veal

Take it & bone it & season it with water some
salt & some other salt & some peper & cloves &
mace & nutmeg & two Anchovie & some sweet
herbs & some Lemon soe coller it close you
do brawne then boyle it in water & salt &
vinegar & whole spice & when it is boyled let it
be cold yn keep it in that pickle for use:

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