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To caller a Pigg

Take yoer Pigg & bone it & lay it in water
& salt one night then season it with some peper &
salt & some cloves & mace & nutmeg & three
Anchovis and a few sage leave & some Lemon
soe caller it up close then boyle it water and salt &
some venegar & a pint of white wine soe keepe it
in that pickle adding to it some small beere so
keep it for use:

To Make Paist for great Pies

Take to every quart of flower a Quarter of a
pound of butter & put the butter in when the water
boyles & boyle the licker soe make yoer paist & lett
it coole that it may be smooth soe make yoer pie &
close it with flower & water

To make Cheescakes

Take the tender Chees=curd & a bitt of Butter the bigness of a
Turkes egg & mix with the curd then put in 6 eggs well beaten
then season it with Cloves & mace & Nutmeg & some sugar & some
Currants then put to it half a pound of blanched & pounded
allmons & mix with the curd then put in some canded Lemon &
sittorn & dates so sett this into the coffins then bake them

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