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To Caller eles

take your eles and bone them and then take som pep=
=per and salt and cloues and mace and nutmeg and
a litel time and season it with then take them and
rol them up and ty them up in a cloth and make
a pickle of uinegar and water and whol pepper and
salt and boyl the eles in the pickle about a quarter of
a houer then take them up and let it be cold then
and then take out the eles out of the cloth and put
them in the pickle.

Mrs Philipps Recait /to make pottage

Take a legg of Beafe and a knuckle of Ueale and
half a pound of Bacon a littel pepper, salt, cloves,
and mace and boyle this to a very stif gely broth then
strain it of and let stand all night then scim of the
top fatt and put the Jelly into a skillet and put a
handfull of Marmaielly, some pallatts a littel sorrell
and spinage first scalded 4 spoonefulls of caschopp an
french balls friyed and some upper crusts of white
bread first dryed and then friyed and a few boyled
turnipps cut the bread of dice and fry them, put in a peice
of somer tyme and

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