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To salt Hams

Take two Hams & i pound of corse suger & two
handfulls of white salt dry both well against the fire
till the salt & suger be pretty hott then rubb the Hams all
over with it & let them ly six days then drain [it] them out that
pickle & take four Ounces of Salt-peter & half a
pound of bay salt beat it very small & take three han=
dfulls of white salt, so salt the Hams with all this & let
them ly ten days in the pickle turn them every three days
then drain them out of that pickle & hang them about a yard
high in the chimbly & smoke them with shavens & wett sadust
that y they may smoke but the fire mus^t not [flame] flame
if it doe they will rust when they are dried with smoke
hang them up in a poor bodies chimney that keeps
small fires & hang them a foot high & let them hang
a foot high sixteen weeks then take them downe and boyle
them when you please:

A Frigasie of Pidgeons

Cutt the Pidgeons in quarters & putt them in a stew
pann, strowe a little salt on them, & putt to 6 Pidgeons
more then a quarter of a pound of Butter & a bunch of sweet
hearbs, i onion, i blade of mace a little whole peper, &
wn they are stewed a while putt in a little gravey, [?],
Anchovy & 4 spoonfulls of whitewine & a little grat=
ed Nutmegg, then lett them stew together, till the Pidgeons
be enough then thick it up with yolks of an 2 or 3 Eggs

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