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The feavour water

Take 4 gallons of strong Ale & i peck of Poppeys
pick'd soe putt them into a Limbeck well pasted, then still
off 5 pints with a gentle fire, & what runs after keep for
other uses, then take 4 gallons more of stong Ale, & 4 ounces
of cardish seeds well bruised, soe draw of 5 pints as before,
then take 6 ounces of Snake roobes, 4 ounces of Marigold
Flowers newly gather'd, & 20 greene walnuts sliced, & put
them into the two strong waters together, then putt them into a
wide mouth steeping pott or glasse & putt the 4 mentioned
ingredients into it & lett it stand a forthnight well
stopped & a day before you still it, putt half an ounce
of London trecle, then still it in a cold still well pasted, an
old body may take 3 spoonfulls of this water before the
fitt comes for 3 or 4 fitts together you may give a child of 2 or
3 years old 2 spoonfulls of the weak water & i for a
child of a yeare old or lesse;

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