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My Lady Greshames Almond puddings

Take 4 pound of Beaf suet shred smal & sifd
sifted putt to this quantity of suet i pound of
Jordan Almonds blanched & finely beaten in a
mortar with some rosewater for fear they oyle
then take i pound of whitebread finely grated
& sifted mix all these together then put to it
3 pints of Creame, & half an Ounce of Nuttmeg
sliced half an ounce of mace a few cloves a little
Cinnamon & a race of ginger strain out the spice &
put to yoE creame apound and a half or 3 quarters
of fine sugar dissolve yoer creame apound and a half or 3 quaerters
of fine sugar dissolve yoer Sugar & a litle salt,
boile a litle Amber grese in it with yoer spice att
first, when tis almost cold then take the yolkes of
i2 Eggs & 4 of the whites, them make a hole
in the middle of yoer Almonds bread and suet, then
strain in the Creame blood warme besure to wipe yoer
gutts very well on both sides & when you have filled
yoer gutts besure to tye yoer ends very well &

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