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for the cought of the Longus
take a quart of spring water and as

A plaister to stay the Rhume

take new piggeons dunge and dry it take peper
grossly beaten and put into a bagge and lay on
the mould of the head and upon the nodell

To staie bleeding

Take cloues and burne them under the nose or
take the topps of red nettles and stampe them with
bay salt and lay them to the temples probatum

To helpe digeston and to helpe mallancholly

take burrange and parsly a good quantity pound
it and straine it and boile the iuyce in a skill-
ett scume it uery cleane and take to a quart
of iuyce a pinte of rose water and as much suger
as will make it a weake sirrup boile it in a
siluer or pewter pott and put gold in the

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