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To Make an Oring Pudding

Take 2 Oringes the largest sise & pare of the
yallow rine as thin as you can cut them in 4
quarters & take out the meat then boyle the
peele in 3 waters & when they be tender take them up
into a cloth & dry them, then beat them pritty small
in a mortar put in the yolks of 10 Eggs & half a
pound of Suger & as much butter, a little Mace,
beat the Oringe & Suger well together first, & then
put in the other things you may add 2 nappels
bisket grated & a little more butter it must be
melted, lay puff paist in the dish then put in
the pudding & cover it with the same paist set it in
a quick Oven, half an hour will bake it,

the Oringes must be civil

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