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To cause sleep in a feaver

Take a quart of Clarret Wine 2 pound of Cherr=
-ies, Nutmeggs & Cinnamon of each a little a top or two
of Rosemary & bame still these in a cold still &
wn you use this watE mingle wth it a little sirrup of
gillyflowres you may give this to a woman yt lyeth in

To PEserve Pippens in slices

Take yr greenest Lemon yt you can gett & pare
the greene of it very thin in little pieces & putt
ym into watE & change it often to take away ye
bitterness of it ym take six Pippins & paire ym
& cutt ym in small pieces & boyle ym wth a little watE
until they be soft as pap yn strain ye juice from
ym into a dish yn take some of ye greenest Pippens
yt you can gett paire ym something thick ypr slice ym
til ye come to ye core always picking out ye core as
you see any in ye slices making as little whole as you
can in ym put ye slices in faire watE as you slice ym
to keep ye couler but before you slice ym weight youE
pippens weight for weight wth SugE yn take yoESugE

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