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And let them rest a little while & put them together in the great, & lett them all boyle a little space, but be sure you stirr them well together, then take an earthen Bason, and Streine it through a fine Cloth when the bason is cold There is a Water under it that is good for any scalding or burneing and other things

The Virtues of the Balsome

1 It is good for any wound being applyed as a Salue 2 It is good for burning or scalding 3 It helps the head ache anoynting the temples & nostrill 4 It cures any Catarrh or ache in the bones 5 It is good against the Wind Collick or a stich in the side drink a quarter of a pinte of Sack with half a quarter of an Ounce of Balsome fiue mornings fasting lukewarme 6 It helps a fistule or Ulcer; though never soe deep being applyed as to a Cutt; 7 It is good against Worms or a Canker 8 It is good against Vermine 9 It helps digesture, being applyed to the pitt of the Stomacke; anoynting well; 10 It helps the dropsey, takeing it in posset drink 11 It is good against the [plage] onely anoynting the lipps and nostrills


12 It helps the biteing of Scorpions & Adders being drunk inwardly with Sack & anoynting the place 13 It helps the bleeding of the Nose onely anoynting the Nostrills, & drinking it with Sack or posset Ale 14 It cures the Bloody ffluxe

An oyntment for an old Sore in the Legg or else where

Take smallage, sothernwood, and sallendine boyle these in May butter till the herbs be Crispe, and soe use it


Take Verjuice and Riemeale, and in summer the leaves, and stalks of Burdock, in Winter the rootes and stalks pithed and shred small & boyled to the thickness of a poultiss after it is boiled put in a good Quantity of Deer Suet and let it dissolve in it and soe keep it

Wind & Wind Collick

Take Conserve of Rosemary flowers half an Ounce diacalimine half a dram mingle them together and eat a little of it when you are troubled with wind


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