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To make Almond Ginger-bread

Blanch a pound of the best Jordan Almonds beate a few of um at a time, dropp in a little Rose or Orange water to keep um from oyling they must be beat to a perfect past one pound and half of double-refind Sugar Sersed verry fine and powder ginger to your tast: as much Gum dragon as a nutt infusd in orange flower water beatte all these in a morter till it is well mixt. To make the browne add Cinamon powder, and twelve drops of Spiritt of Cinamon If you please make up the white with fine sugar and the browne with Cinamon powder: role it out and print it: then lay it before the fire to drye



For those that Cant hold their water

Take the clawes of Hoggs don't wash um drye um in an Oven, but besure they are not burn'd beat um to powder sift um take as much of the powder as will lye on a Sixpence morning and night 'till you are cured


To pott Craw-ffish

Take the butter and Clarifye it with a good quantity of Mace; then keep shaking it over a chafingdish of Coles till the fish be all pick't and put in an Anchovy while you shake them and when you heat them againe put to them a slice or two of Lemon as you pick them put them to the butter, and pick them while hott.

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