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hott then poure out the waste, then put in the pott 2 handfulls
of red Mints bruised, and presently after while your pott is so hotte
milke in a pinte of the milke of a Red Cow, and let it stand so
about one half an hower, then adde to it of the Sirrupp of Cinnamon
& of the Sirrup of Quince each a spoonfull, & a quarter of an Ounce
of Vinegar of Roses, Let him drinke it so warme in the morning, & as
much about 5 or 6 of the Clock in the afternoone.
Lett him wear a dried Toade dried in May in a Sarsenett Bagge
bout a Quarter of a Yeare on his brest till he find himselfe perfectly well.

A Medicine for the Yellow Jaundies
{M Mother A. Fanshawe}
Take Green Broome, and burne it in a cleane oven as much
as will make a quart of Ashes, and then putt the Ashes into a pottle of white wine, then slice into it 2 Nutmegs and take 3 [...] waight
of Saffron, and dry it well, and bruise it very small, & putt it into ye wine.
if it be for a Man or a Woman, lett them drinke 1/2 a pinte of it, if for
a Child, let him drinke a Quarter of a pinte eleven mornings to-
gether, every tyme they drinke of it they must shake it together,
and putt in a little Sugar, drinke it cold and fast 2 hours after it,
and either walke, or use some Exercise this is also good for the Dropsey

To staunch the bleeding of a Veine inwards
{My Mother A. Fanshawe}
Take a Quarter of a handfull of Fellonwort and boyle it in a Gill
of whtie wine, and then sweeten it wtih a little white Sugar Candy
& let the patient drinke it bloodwarm when he goeth to bed & if
this doe not cure him with twice taking of it, then putt to it the
third time the bignes of halfe a Nutmegg of bole Armoniack

A drinke to be taken in the Spring to purge the Blood
{The Lady Butler Ann Fanshawe}
Take 10 gallons of small Ale well brewed, when it hath done wor-
king putt to ti 3 ounces of Rhubarbe slices, a handfull of wormwood
7 oranges cutt in halfes 3 stuffed with cloves, a Quart of the juice
of Scurveygrasse clarefied 2 pound of Raisins of the Sunne stoned

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Fellonwort usually spelled felonwort may be bittersweet nightshade Solanum sulcamara but could also be Artemisia vulgaris.


Section 1, line 6: should be "Vinegar of Roses" instead of "Vinegar or Roses"


End of section 1: [] could be "a dried [Toade dried] in May"


"drinke to purge the blood" line 1: should be "when it hath done wor=" instead of "when it has Doone"