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Take a good faire Pippin and cutt of the topp of it, then take
out the Coare very cleane, then putt int oit as much Venice Tre=
acle, as a hasell nutt, as much Saffron finely beaten and seared
as will lye upon a two pence, then fill up the Apple with sweete
Butter: and putt on the topp of the Apple upon it again close: then
roast it tender, and when it is roasted mingle them all together like a
Conserve: then take as much as a Walnutt 3 mornings together

The Wound Drinke and for the Kings Quill
{My Brother: Warwicks
A Fanshawe}

Gather these Hearbes in May.
Avens[...]Five Leaved Grasse
Bugle[...]Violet Leaves
Comphrey[...]Wild Angelica
Drake rootes and leaves[...]Wood Betony
Dandalion[...]White Bottles

Bramble Budds, Hawthorne Budds, Oake Budds, these 3 must be
gathered in Aprill. but of all the several Hearbes a like Quantity,
when they are dry, mingle them well together: then take 3 handfulls
of the, putt them into a Quart of White Wine, and a pottle of Spring water,
and boyle them together till halfe the liquor be wasted. Then straine
the Liquor from the Hearbes, & putt it to a pinte of the best Honey,
sett it over the Fire, & let it boyle but till You have scummed it,
when it is cold, putt it into Stone Bottles close stopped & keepe it very
coole, drinke 6 Spoonfulls every monring fasting, & fast 2 hours after
it, & as much at 4 a Clocke in the afternoone.
Among these Hearbes adde to halfe an handfull of white Angelica,
& halfe an handfull of Smallage and a Spoonfull of sweet Fennell

Seeds. So boyle these things as You used before in your other drinke a
mong these, Let the white Angelica be well blosomed if You can gett it.
These things may be all gotten at the Apothecaries thereabouts, what You
can gett out of the Fields, though Aprill and May be past You may keepe
them dry by You.
Putt in these 2 halfe handfulls every time You boyle the Water.

A drinke admirable against a Cold or

{My Broth: Warw:
A ffanshawe}

Put into an Earthen Pipkin 3 pints of Spring Water: 2 good hand=
fulls of unsett hysope: 2 or 3 slices of good English Liquorice, sliced ve=
ry thinn, 2 handfulls of Raisins of the Sunne stoned, a quarter of a pound
of Figgs sliced small: one ounce of Anniseeds bruised, halfe an ounce of
Sweet Fennell Seeds bruised: 7 or 8 dates sliced. Then stopp up the Pip
kin very close, and let them stew on hott Embers 24 houres, & then straine
the Liquor well from the other Ingredients: putt this liquor into a glasse
or Stone Bottle being close stopt: take 9 Spoonfulls of it when you lye
to rest at night it being a little warme, and every morning fasting doe the
same. Thus continuing a reasonable time, and the Patient will find good
of it. For it is an approved Medecine.

Opening Pills
{My Br. Warw:
A ffanshaw

Take of the Extract of Gentian two Drachmes: of the Extrait of Centorie,
of Galens Hiera Pura of each foure Scruples: of Trochisks of Eupatorie,
of Dialacca, of Diacurcuma, of Salt of Scurvey grasse, of each of these two
Scruples: of Salt of Wormewood halfe a Scruple with as much Syrrup of
Rheubarb with Succorie or Syrup of Succorie with Rheubarb as will make it
up in Pills. Make every dram in Sixe Pills. Five of them are to be taken
at a time, with a Draught of some proper convenient drinke an houre after
them; and so to continue a weeke or longer, the Body being prepared before by
purging: they doe remove hypochondriack obstructions, open the Spleene and
purge gently: they also doe strengthen the Stomach, & the Liver, & purifie the
For a Canker
{My Mother
A ffanshawe }

Take Unguentium Aegyptiacum, & Mel Rosarum, of each halfe an ounce. Warme
them in a Sawcer very hotte, dipp a little Lint in it (fastend to any fitt Instruments)

and rub

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