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of Harts horne putt them in a pipkin with 3 pints of the best
Muscadine you can gett, boile it till it come to something more
than a pinte, & noint the Childs Limbs morning & Evening

A most Rare Glister for the Spleene
{Lady Nicholas }
{A Fan}
Take a quart of Posset drinke made of Ale, or a Quart of thinn
Veale Broth, put in a handfull of Buglosse Leaves, a handfull
of Burnett Leaves, a handfull of Mallowes, boile it till it come to
a pinte, straine it, putt to it 3 Spoonfull of fine Loafe Sugar, 3
Ounces of Syrrope of Violets, and so give it warme, and no more.

A most Rare Receipt for onne that
can not [hiuld] their water


For the Scurvy
{A Fan}
Scuvy grass of both sorts, safe of each 4
handfulls: wormwood, Horseradish roots
of each halfe a handfull, pund this together
straine the fome and drinke three or foure
spoonfullss so long as it lasts

A Vinegar to wash the Teeth for the Scurvy
{A Fan}
You are to take 4 good handfulls of the tops of Firree and you
are to take a pottle of the best white wine Vinegar you can get.
You are to boyle the said Vinegar till it comes to ye [3rd] part these
tops of Firre are not to be had in any place in England but at
Roe-Hampton neare Putney. When you have boyled these together
You are to wash your mouth Evening & mornning but in the day as
often as you please.

A Medicine for the Wormes
{A Fan}
Take Lemmon, mingle it with Saffron in powder, to every 3 Spoon=
fulls of ye juice put the weights of 6 pence in Saffron, to a Child of a
year old you may give 3 spoonfulls at a time 3 Mornings fasting. To
one of 7 or 8 or older 3 or 4 Spoonfull.
This Medicine also is very approved for ye Wormes
{A Fan}
Take Aloe rosatum made up into pills somewhat bigger than the big=
est pease. Take them fasting 3 pills every day one or two houres
after you have taken your pills make a Glister of a pint of new
Milke with 2 Spoonfulls of honey, set it on ye Fire till it be hott &
ye honey dissolved stirring it all ye while. And when it is so cold

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