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into most . thin slices in a capacious
earthen pan, presse them downe
with a spoon that the juice may
rise, and the Rines drinke in their
owne juice, every day shirring them
from the bottome that thiy mouldie
not, & prissing them; doi this 5
or 6 days till the Rines acquire the
first degree of putrifashon, ifh yu
shall judge by the tendernesse of them
cast these into a Shill, and distill a
water from [here] Besides this afore=
said [Varhies], it is very pleasant and
wholesome a spoonfull in a glass of
wine at your pleasure, espeshally when
you are hott.

This forr Doctor Bowlis.

For Any Flux
{A: Fan}
Take 10 grains of Rhubarb; 5 of Nuttmeg, and
as much of Cinnamon. Mingle these togeather
being small grated with as much Conserve Of Roses
as will make them up into a mass. Everie morning
take this, and evening too if the distemper bee
Take plaine glisters of milke made with 2
ounces of syrop of wioletts and the yolke of an egg
and the quantitie of an egg in butter never salted,
no sugar; in the evenings before, if you take the
medicine only in the mornings.

If the flux be with torments in yi
gutts or blood.
Drink as great quantities of new whay, as
you can, and as often.
When you intermitt your whay, take the
Rhubarb medicine ut subra.

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On this entire page the letter "e" seems to be missing and seems to be replaced with an "i", however I changed that in the transcription to reflect e's where it makes sense within a word/where I noticed them in the original text as there is a visual distinction between the swoops/circles used to dot the i's acting as e's while the actual i's have simple, tiny dots as matches throughout the earlier pages. I took that distinction in the handwriting to indicate that those letters were pronounced as e's and that the transcription should reflect that distinction.