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then season it with Cloves, Mace, Nutmeg, Peppar beaten small
a little more salt. bind it ip as You doe Branne, putt it in a
Pott fit for it and putt in the Wine and Vinegar that it lay in,
with halfe a pint of Water. Cover it ip close &l; let it stand 8,
or 9 houres in the Oven: then take it out of the Oven, let it
stand while it is very cold, then serve it up with Mustard & Sugar.
In Sommer You must season it with all manner of sweet hearbes.
With time, Sweet Marjoram, Winter Savery, Spinage, Parsly
Rosemary minct all together & rowld up in the meat, in stead of
Spice & pickell to keepe it made with Wine and Vinegar and
Water and Salt Sweet Hearbes a little whole Peppar 3 or 4 Bay
Leaves, Rosemary, boyle all this together onehour or more. You may
keepe it as You please.

To hash a Shoulder of Mutton
Lady Butler.
Every line of this recipe, including the title and the attribution, is crossed out neatly
Take a Shoulder of Mutton halfe roasted first sliced into smallpeeces, then take 1/2 a pinte of Clarett and 3 Spoonfulls of whiteWine Vinegar, 2 Anchoves, a Lemmon, a Quarter of a pint ofCapers, 2 Onjons, 1 Nutmeg, a Quarter of a pound of Butter. Stewall these together, with a Bundle of sweet herbes, & when You seeit fitt to be disht up, shake it up with the Yolkes of 3 Eggs &c.
An Excellent Receipt to make a Cake
La: Butler.
A Fan
The hand in this recipe seems to be a bit more shaky than it was earlier. It may not be a change of hand, but it seems shaky.
There is also a large "X" over this recipe, crossing it out
Take 3 quarts pints of Flower, two pound of Currants, a two ink blots near the word "quarter"--one above and one below the linequarter of
a pint of Yest, 10 Egs putt out 6 of theThis is written as the "Ye" abbreviation whites, above a pint
of Creame but warme, 2 Ounces of Loafe Sugar, above 1/2 a
pound of Butter which must be rubd into the Flower first so fine
as it cannot be distinguisht from the Flower, The Currants
must be pickt & rubd very dry & mingled with the Flower also
a little Mace, Cinnament, and Nutmeg. Then the Creame
Eggs and Yest , when it is bakt Candy it. the Oven need not be
so hott as for Manchet.
A good

A very good way to make Jelly

La: Butler.
A Fan

Take a Knuckell of Veale and a paire of Calves Feet, Flay the
Skinne of the Calves Feet then breake them all to peeces with the
Veale wash them very well in warm water then take all the fatt &
Marrow from them if You can: let them ly all night in water then
wash it well, and sett it a boyling in 6 or 7 quarts of Water in a Pott or
Pipkin so that it may be coured close scumme it very well then putt in
20 Ounces of Hartshorne & let it boyle 3 or 4 houres very softly as
halfe a poud of Hearts Horn
may be, in that space it will jelly, You may try a little of it in a spoone
then take it of the Fire and straine it and scumm of the Fatt; then
let it stand till it is cold, then if You see there is more fatt of it warme
it a little, & scumm it with a Feather; then putt it in a Pipkin if
there be 3 quarts put in a pound & halfe of double refined Sugar 3
Nutmegs sliced, a race of Ginger, a good spoonfull of Cinnament. Wa
ter, a good Spoonfull of Coriander seeds bruised, the pults of 6 Lemmons,
2 graines of Amber Greece, sett all this upon a cleare fire, & let it
boyle with 1/2 a pint of Rhenish Winesome blotches through "Rhenish Wine" here a quarter of an houre; then
take the whites of 10 Eggs; beat them very well, & putt them in with
a Sprigg of Rosemary, then runne it by the Fire side through a Cot
ton Bagge, putt it in Galley Potts or Glasses, See Your Bagg be very white

To make Nectarella
La: Butler.
A Fan

Take of the best Mallys Raisins & picke the Stalkes from them very
cleane, but they must neither be washd or rubd, put your Raisins in a
deepe Vessell that hath a Fossett in the Bottome, & to every pound of
Raisins You may putt 3 pints of Spring Water, putting in at the same
time of the Leaves & Flowers of Egrimony more or lesse according as
You will have it taste of it. the like You may doe to any other hearbs
You have an affection to twice a day or oftener You must stirr Your Rai
sins gently with some slicke made flatt for the purpose and so con-

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