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To make Alman Milk called Garapina de Leche de AmendaMadrid 10
Aug 1 1665
A FFan

{o X} Boyle 5 quarts of the best fountaine water with a quarter
of an ounce of whole Sinamon in it, a quarter
of an houre then poure it into an Earthen
pan in which there is 3 pounds of Almonds
beat small after hauing them been blanched
& beat with Orange flowre water stirr them
well together & lett them stand 2 houres,
put into it a pound of the best white sugar:
well beat then straine it thorough a thick
canuas strainer, & put in a dragme of
Ambar Greece. if you like it put it into a
great glasse bottle & sett it in a Coole sellar
you may drinke it after 4 houres standing
there, it will keep good 2 days, & 2 nights
but noe longer.

The following note has been sewn in at the middle of the left hand margin. The sewn in note has a hand drawn picture of a sort of pitcher with a long handle sticking up at a 45 degree angle, and also a kind of incense stick or spoon or instrument beside the pitcher. The entire note is written in a different hand. The note reads:"this is the same chocelary potter that ane mayd in the Jnois"

X To dresse Chocolatte {23}

Madrid 10
Aug. 1 1665
A FaanThis attribution, written in a hand different from the body of the recipe, appears in the left hand margin.
Much of the following recipe has been scribbled into illegibility.
Take a pound of Chocolatte & [...] a pound
of the best white sugar cut the chocolatte in
[...] with sugar
have ready on the fire your chocolate pott
& a large quart of the best fountane water
which[...] as you [...]be just ready
to boyle, take it of, & put in the Chocolate
& sugar, st[...] it very [...] with a chocolatte
stick made for the purpose a quarter of an
[...], setting the pot all the while upon [...]
[...] or hot dishes, you must serve it [...]
[...] it very well at the putting of it [...]
[...] cake [...]

Folio page 155r, Scribe's page 333.

This recipe has been scribbled out with a dark, thick ink and spirals.[...]

The best Chocolatte but that of the Indones[...]s made in Siuill in Spaine

A FfanThe attribution, which appears in the left hand margin beside the title of the recipe, is written in a different hand than the body of the recipe. X Madrid the 10th of August 1665To make an Olla podrida
Take 2 pound of the best flanck beefe, wi/thout skin
or much fatt, 2 pound of the Leaner part of a spanish
Gammon of bacon, let these boyle in a great pipkin
or silluer skellet, with 4The 4 has been written with a thicker ink than the rest of the recipe, and is written slightly below another number than has been crossed out with the same thicker ink. quarts of water a houre on
the fire then put to it 2 pound of Mutton, of the
shoulder or rump en dof the Loyne with the rump on
that is not too fatt 2 t of a breast of veale, skim the
pott & lett those boyle together halfe an houre
then put in a young hen that is not too fatt, two
partrige & lett there boyle halfe an houre longer
to these add 4 young pigions, &, & 2 sweet breds of
veale, & after these haue [bm] in a quarter of an houre
put in 4 spoonfull of green pease, 4 spoonfull of
french beans cut in peeces in their skins, the white of
2 great cuwcumbes cut in great pecces, [...]
[...] 2 spoonfull of
green grapes, 2 spoonfull of parsly Leaves, 3 spoon-
full of [p]alme Leaus, as much salt as will season
it, as much pepper & Cloves beaten to fine powder
as will lye upon a shilling lett these boyle alltogether
till the Meat will part with out cutting, then mingle
as much safron made into fine powder as well lye.

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This page was originally transcribed by Elizabeth Emerson as part of an EMROC transcription project in 2013 at The University of Akron.