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To Keep Damsons for pies Mrs Odham

Take 3 pounds of Damsons, and 2 pounds of [6d?] sugar put
them into a pott, a layer of one and the other, send
it to be baked with bread, and when it comes
home empty it into little potts, and when they are
cold pour Mutton Suet over them.

Snow Cream Mts. Ibbott

Take a pint of cream, and the whites of 4 eggs
a little sugar and Angell water Mix all these
together in a bread pan and take the froth off
as it rises, and put it into glasses.

To make Brandy Shrub Mts Smith

To 10 Gallons of Brandy or rum. put 2 gallons of juce of
oranges, and 3 quarts of juce of lemmon strein 'em thro;
a fine sieve, and put a pound and a half of double
refined sugar to each gallon of Brandy or Rum pare all
the lemons, and 10 ounces or 18 of the Oranges very thin
and heep them in half the Brandy or Rum for 12
hours Then strain it from the peels, and mix all the
Brandy together, Adding the above juce, and sugar
When the Sugar is dissolved, put it into a sweet wine
ot Brandy cask Shake it well once a day for a week
Then let it stand for 3 weeks, and bottle it off

If you make it of twack half the Sugar will do

White Currant wine Mts Walker

To every gallon of cold water, put 4 pound of raisins chopt 2
pounds of single refin'd sugar 3 pounds of currents, steep them
in a tub 10 days stiring 'em once ot twice a day Then press
out the liquor and barrell it. And when fine bottle it

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