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To Frigacy Chickens --- Mrs.. Williams

Take two Chickens, and cut 'em in small peices, then wash 'em
in hot water, when done put 'em into your stew pan, With a
bit of butter, and a little dust of flower, Then fill it up -
with cold water, with Sweetbreads - Artichoke bottoms, with
morells and fresh Mushrooms, a gill of white wine, an Onion
and a bunch of Sweet herbs, and when cold enough, take
out your herbs, and Onion, Then take the yolks of 4 eggs
and half a pint of cream, beat 'em up together with the
juce of a lemmon, when you have skin'd the fatt off -
the Chicken, then put in your Eggs and cream, stir 'em -
about well - Season it with pepper and salt to your taste
and let it have a little boil up.
To prevent. -- Ditto

Take Rue, Lavender, Sage Wormwood, rosemary, of each
an handfull, chopt small and put into a pint of white -
wine vinegar, Let it stand in the the Sun nine days. Then
strain it and add two ounces of Camphire.

To make Wiggs -- Ditto

Take 3 pounds of flour, and 1 pound of butter, rub the butter
very well into the flour. 6 oz. of sugar, 4 eggs, a pint of
Baum, and as much new Milk as will make it into a
liquid paste, Let it stand an hour before the fire to rise
then make 'em up, and put 'em into a quick oven -
Half an hour will bake 'em -- put in a few carryway

XM1 MS A117 045
Note:The addition of the er in butter, in To makes Wiggs, is cofirmed by the manuscript

Notes and Questions

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Line 23, which is a heading, has an expansion for an inexplicable marking on the opposite side of the page from "To Prevent." The trancriber expanded d, which I see, but also added "itt." The letter next to the D appears to me to be an "o" and I cannot find a correct abbreviation for this letter that would make sense.


Do is an abbreviation for ditto - an instruction to repeat the above information, in this case almost certainly the attribution of the recipe to Mrs. Williams. The transcription is correct, but the usage is not a common one. When it is used in modern texts it will usually be a '' mark under the previous information.