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To make Ginger Bread Ditto
Take a pound of treacles a pound of powder sugar, half a pint of
brandy candied orange, Lemon, and Citron cutt small 2 ounce
half an ounce of ginger beat, and sifted half an ounce Coriander
seeds, and half an ounce carryway seeds beat and sifted, mix
all these together, and work in as much fine flour, as will
make of it a stiff paste, role it out cut in cakes as you
like, put it on Tin. It will bake after the bread is drawn

To make balm Wine Mrs Winslow
To a gallon of Water put 2 pounds 1/2 loaf Sugar clarify'd
with the white of an egg When it is rather warmer
than beer to work pour it upon a double handfull of
balm pickt from the stalks - To which add an Orange
or Lemon slice'd rind and all - Let it stand till it is milk
warm - Then put in a toast dip'd in yeast - Let it stand
two days to work and then Tun it altogether - Before
it is tun'd you must take out the Toast

A Certain Cure for the Hooping Cough
Take two ounce of Honey, 2 ounce Treacle a few carryway seeds
and as much flower of Brimstone as will lie on a shilling
mix them well together and give the Child a spoonfull
six different times in the day.

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