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Dutch Custard Mrs Winslow

Take an ounce & quarter of the best Isinglass
and dissolve it in a quart of water boil'd to a pint
when stiff add to it, a pint of Raisin or Mountain
wine, the yolks of 4 Eggs beat, till thin, the peel
of one Lemon boil'd in it, The juice of Lemon and
Sugar to your taste - let it boil till it is likly to be
the stiffness you chuse it, and keep it in constant
stirring while you put the eggs in, and after or it will
be apt to curdle.-- The Jelly does equally as well
made of Calves feet as Isinglass

To Pickle Cucumber Mrs Tristram

Wipe them clean with a dry cloath make a strong Brine with
a strong salt and water and pour it upon them boiling hot 2
mornings together strain them dry then put them a few at a
time into a stewpan just cover'd with Distild Vinegar and
cover them them with vine leaves and change the vine Leaves
3 times then put them in to your Pots hot out of the stew
pan and Hive them down till more be done when your
Pots are full boyl your Pickle which is distild Vinegar
with some white pepper corns and a few races of ginger
boyl it 3 mornings together af and put it to them hot.

A Floating Island:

Three Coddled Apples the juice of three Lemons a little
Sugar beat it 36 hours with 3 Whites of Eggs

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