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A Plumb Cake Ditto

Take 6 pounds of flower and dry it well and 7 pounds of
Currants well dry'd - 3 quarters of a pound of sugar 1/2
an oz: of Cinnamon, as much cloves, and 4 Nutmegs
mix your currants spice and sugar in your flour Then
take a quart of cream and let it boil, when it has
stood a little put into it a pound of butter and stir it well
together till it is melted Then take 24 Eggs. but
half the whites, beat your eggs with 3 spoonfulls
of sack and a little salt Then make up your
bowl or flour in your bowl or pan your eggs on
one side and cream and butter on the other and
stir it all one way with your hands till it is well
mix'd, Then take a little flour, and shake on it
lay a cloth upon it set it by the fire to rise for
a quarter of an hour or better Then put it in
your rim and set it in your oven which must
be a little hotter than for Manchant bread Let
it stand 2 hours Then Ice it with double refin'd
sugar and the white of an egg beat it well together
for half an hour Let it stand a quarter of an
hour in the Oven after it is iced to harden You
must put a quart of Ale yeast to the Eggs.

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