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Another Plumb Cake Ditto

Take 4 pounds of fresh butter not salted, wash it in Rose
water, take 4 pounds of flour well dry'd, beat your
butter into a cream, and when it is well beaten
Strew in the flour by little and little, Take 30 eggs
the whites beaten by themselves into curd put them
into the butter and flour by little and little, and
also the yolks well beaten 3 quarters of a pound of
loaf sugar finely sifted 5 pounds of currants well
wash'd and dry'd, a pint of sack 1/2 an Ounce of
mace, 1/4 of an Oz: of Cinamon and Nutmeg - a pound
of Almonds blanch'd and cut thin and when it
is well mix'd put it into your hoop and two hours
will bake it. put in what sweetmeats you please
a grain of Amber grease

A Seed Cake Ditto

Take 4 pounds of butter beat to a cream then beat in
4 pounds of powder sugar sifted Take 24 Eggs beat them
well in Then take 4 pounds of the best sue flour well
dry'd 1/2 an oz: mace 1/2 an oz: of Cinamon, a 1/4 of an oz:
of cloves beat to very fine 3 oz: Carryway seeds
mix the spice and seeds with the flour Then beat
all up together, Set it before the fire to rise Let
your Oven be well heated and 3 hours will bake it

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