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A Ratifea Cake Ditto

Take 10 Eggs, put away 10 of the whites - take a pound and
an half of double refin'd Sugar sifted, put it into the
eggs with a quarter of a pint of rose water, beat them
for an hour, then take half a pound of sweet Almonds
and 1/4 of a pound of bitter Almonds blanch'd beat them
with Orange flower of water very fine take half a
pound of the best flour, and a quarter of a pound of Starch
beat and sifted very fine, take the peel of two lemons
grated - Dont mix the Ingredients before your Oven is
ready, only the eggs which must be mixt with the
Sugar and the flour with the Starch then mix
altogether and put it in a quick Oven

A Plumb Cake Ditto

Take half a peck of flour. 3/4 of an oz: of mace, one
pound of [9d] sugar mix altogether then take 5 pounds butter
beat it to a cream a quart of ale yeast 12 eggs
half a pint of Sack a pint of cream, beat all these
together, and when your butter is work'd to a cream
then take your yeast and eggs, and work them with
it Take 1/2 a pounds of Sweet almonds finely beaten with
rose water mix all with the butter and put in what
sweetmeats you please when you put in the Almonds.
mix altogether and put in all the flour Then take 51 pounds raisins
5 pounds Currants chopt small mix 'em by an hand full at a time
till 'tis all mix'd together very well put it into your hoop and 2
hours will bake it Let your Oven be ready that it may not

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