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A Seed Cake Ditto

Take 3 pounds of the best flour well Dryed a pint
of thik Cream 2 pounds of Butter put it into the
Cream till it be melted on the fire, mix it well
together, then put in a pint of ale yeast 2 Nutmegs
and some Cinnamon mix it well together then set
it before the fire to rise, a quarter of a pound of Sugar
Lett it stand till your oven heat. when your oven
is swept put in a pound of Carryway Comfits mix it
all together make a paper Coffin spread it over
with Butter an hour will Bake it.

A Seed Cake Ditto

Take 3 pounds of flour, rub in a pound and an half of butter
a pint of Ale yeast 12 spoonfulls of cream 9 Eggs
leave out 5 of the whites 3 spoonfulls of sack or
brandy when these are all mix't together, put it
before the fire to rise half an hour. Strew in some
rough Carryways Bake it in an hoop with small
things butter your paper very well

Elder Wine

Take 20 pounds of Malagoes pick them and chop them
Then boil 20 quarts of water. let it be cold Then put
in the plumbs let it stand 5 or 6 days. stir it every
day - Take a Gallon elder Juice a quart of the Juice of Sloes
4 pounds single refin'd sugar, boiled to a Syrup Let it be
cold Then strain out the plumbs mix altogether and put
it in the vessell Let it stand 3 Months Then bottle it

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