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To make Hartshorn Flummary
put apd, of hartshorn shavings to three quarts of spring
water, boil it very gently over a soft fire till tis consumed
to one quart, then strain it thro' a fine sieve into your bason
and let it stand till cold, then just melt it over the fire and put
to it half a pint of white wine a pint of new thick cream and
4: spoonfulls of orange-flower water scald your cream & let
it be cold before you mix it with the wine and jelly but in double
refind sugar to your taste and yu beat it all one way for an hour
and half at lest for iff you are not thus carefull on beating
twill neither mix or look to please you. Lett the Cupps you pour
it into be dippd in clean water, for if they are dry it will not -
turn out well_ Keep it in the Cupps a day before you use it_
when tis sent to table you must turn it out, and slick it all
over the top with blanch'd almonds slit_Eat it with wine
or cream which you like best:

To make French Pap Confsen Howard
Take a pint of new milk three yolks of Eggs well beaten
a little orange flower water two spoonfull of flower of Rice
beten very fine mix all these all togeather and sweeten it to
your taste set it over the fire and stir it all the time till it is as
thick as cream put it in to jelly Glases and serve it up cold-

For a Scald or a burn of any sort
with Gunpowder cos: Smith
oyntnient of Tobacce and oyl of Green poplar Budds
of each an Equal quantity: First anoint the part
affected and then blow it with a Fan or bellows:

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