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Mrs Bees Cholick Tincture by Dr Lower

Take of Guiacam Chips --
Elecampane Roots ---
Liquorice Roots sliced --
senna of Alexandria --
} of each 4 ozs

Corander seeds first prepared and then Bruised
4 ozs sweet fennel seeds bruis'd 2 ozs
Cardimum seeds bruised 21 ozs

To prepare the Coriander seeds you must steep them
in white wine Vinegar 12 hours then dry them
in the sun or by the fire 1 pound of Raisons of the
sun stoned - infuse all these ingredients in 6 quarts
of Anniseed Water in a Glass or stone Jar close stopt
for 12 or 14 Days or more stiring it well or shaking
it every day then pour of the Clear & put it in a
Bottle for Use
line under "Bottle for Use"

The qualites are as follows you may give 3 spoonfulls
of this Tincture in a fit of the Cholic or more if there be
occasion it may be taken twice a Day if the pain continues or
two or three Days together as may be most Convenient ----
It may be taken one spoonfull going to bed and 2 or 3 more
early in the morning ------

This Cordial is also good for surfeit, the same quantity as
for the Cholic is likewise good for a Cough or weakness of
the Lungs taking 2 spoonfuls in the morning for 3 days
& is good for the gravel

The Dregs afterwards still'd with herbs in growns of Ale
will make a very good Cordial line

"} of each 4 ozs" appears in a column to the right of the first 4 ingredients

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