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To wax Bottles ---- Mr. Ingram
Take an Equal Quantity of Rosin and Bees Wax
melt them in a Ladle to which add a little
Spanish Brown to colour it

Reason Wine Mrs Winslow
To every Gallon of Boiling Water, when almost Cold
put 6 pounds of smyrna Raisons Grossly Chop't - let it stand
10 Days in the Tub you make it in stiring it twice a Day
then strain it thro' an hair sieve into a vessel - let it Work
for 6 Weeks with the Bung open then stop it up for 4 months
and if fine bottle it --------- N:B: you must work it up with
a Toast dip't in yeast in the Tub you make it

A Lozenge for shortness of Breath Mrs Terry
One pound of fine sugar. one oz of terra Japonica 2 ozs of
Ambergrese, one grain of Musk. a quarter of a pint of
Orang flower Water - boil all these Ingredients gently in
a silver saucepan, till it cand's line from word to right margin

Dr Russel's Receipt to make Serate flourish
Bees Wax, Butter without salt, Mutton Suet, of each
a quarter of a pound, oyl of Olives six ozs melt them
together over a gentle Heat --- keeping it stirring

Notes and Questions

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Line 23 -- There is a distinct line made by the author going to the end of the page. Would this be considered a line going to the end of the right margin, or is it a gap?


Line 23 -- the recipe states to specifically use "a silver saucepan." I'm planning to do some digging into the Early Modern relationship between items food was cooked in and the food themselves.