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To make Wallnut Catchup Inigo Haywood.

Take Green Wallnuts before they are shelld,
and slice them, (the same you do Mushrooms)
with a Laying of salt and a Laying of Wallnuts;
let them lay three Days; then pound them and in
a Mortar and press out the juice, and to a Quart of
juice put a 1/4 Lbs of anchovies, a 1/4 of an oz. of cloves
a 1/4 of an oz. of Mace and a 1/4 of an oz. of Black pepper and one Nutmeg. boil it and take of the scum as it
rises. add to it when you Bottle it a good deal of Shallot _____

To Preserve Cherries in Brandy. Mrs. Capps-

Take 3 Lbs of Sugar and make a Syrup of it. - when
it is but scalding hot put in 3 Lbs of Cherries when
pick'd, but you must prick them first with a Needle.
don't let the Cherries boil in the Syrup, but press them
down with a Bundle of Feathers for about a quarter of
an hour. scum them, take them of the fire, and take
the Cherries out of the Syrup. then boil up the Syrup
about half a quarter of an hour, then let it stand till
almost cold. then put the Cherries in and let them stand
all Night. then put them into a glass jar and to
every Spoonfull of Syrup put a spoonfull of

Note: Note: recipe ends before end of sentence.

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