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Elder Wine - - Ditto -
Take 20 lb Malaga raisins - pick them, and chop them
boil 20 quarts of water, when cold put in the raisins
Let it stand 5 of 6 days, Stir it every day -. Take a
gallon of elder Juce - a quart of the Juice of sloes
4 pounds single refin'd sugar - boil it up to a Syrrop -
when cold Strein out your b plumbs' - mix them
altogether - keep it in the vessell a quarter of a year
then bottle it
Wallnet Catchup Miss Haywoods Last receipt
Take a Hundred of Walnuts when a pin will go thro'
them, cut them in thin slices, add to them 1/4 Lb of
Shallots cut in two, and beat them fine in a Stone Mortar
then put to them 1/2 Lb of satl 1 1/2 pint of white Wine
Vinegar let it stand in Earthen pan one Week.
stirring it often. then prefer it thro' a Flannel Bag, and
boil in the Liquor 1/2 Lb of Anchovies, some Mace Ginger, whole
pepper, and Cloues to yoru taste, then strain it thru' a
Jelly Bag, when cold bottle it and Cork it down
NB. a Quarter of an Ounce of each sort of spice and one Nutmeg
is sufficient for one hundred of Walnuts. line
Note: Hand changes at Wallnut Catchup and a third notes Miss Haywood's citation

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